Emergency Cash for Single Mothers

Emergency Cash for Single Mothers

Kerry Vetter
by Kerry Vetter
Published: May 24, 2021


Government Assistance for Single Mothers
Emergency Cash Solutions for Single Moms
Medical Assistance for Single Parents
Educational Assistance for Single Mothers
Charity Organizations
Key Takeaways

Raising a child is not easy. The situation is more challenging for single mothers. The US records an increased number of one-parent households, with single mothers dominating the statistics. There is no shame in seeking emergency financial assistance as a single mom. Child care assistance programs and grants for single parents help mothers deal with child support expenses in times of financial hardship.

Government Assistance for Single Mothers

The federal government is aware that childcare is expensive. For that reason, the US has started several financial assistance programs for needy families or single mothers. Temporary assistance or emergency cash for single mothers is available all over the country. Also, we advice you to read this article to find out how to save money on groceries.

1. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

Commonly called food stamps, the food assistance program helps single moms get groceries. Proper nutrition is a critical factor for a child’s development. For that purpose, there are multiple food shops and banks located within reach and accessible to single moms all over the country.

2. Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)

WIC is another special supplemental nutrition program. It aims at helping pregnant women, single mothers who are breastfeeding, and their infant children up to five years old who are at risk of being malnourished. WIC vouchers are often paired up with food stamps to provide food for low-income single moms.

3. Emergency Housing

This is typically one of the church assistance programs offering temporary housing for single parents and their children to avoid homelessness. The initiative covers the basic needs of single mothers and their children until they get back on their feet and afford to pay rent.

4. US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

HUD programs offer housing assistance for needy families and single mothers. Those who need financial support to pay for their mortgage, rent, or at risk of losing their house on account of low income are welcome to apply. Some HUD options offer rent assistance by providing financial help to pay for rent or utility bills. The urban development plan helps more than one million low-income families solve their household issues. A branch of the program is prepared to offer emergency housing for women who don’t have a place to live or escape an abusive household.

5. Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

The TANF program was designed for low-income families and single mothers. The program offers childcare services and cash assistance. If a single mom is willing to get a job, TANF can organize preparation sessions to help her out.

6. Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

LIHEAP is sponsored by the Department of Health and Human Services. It offers financial assistance to people who need help paying their electricity bills. Single moms often struggle with the energy costs, especially on a low income. The solution comes in handy when the household income is low.

Emergency Cash Solutions for Single Moms

There are loan options available to single mothers who need financial assistance. From personal to emergency loans, speedy financial aid can be granted by institutions other than the government.

Moreover, direct lenders are relatively tolerant of your credit score. That means you have chances of getting approval even if you have a less-than-perfect credit score. Even single moms that don’t have a job can apply when they need urgent financial help. The reason is that some loan providers take into account almost any source of steady income when considering your application. For instance, if you receive monthly unemployment benefits, regular financial aid from state programs, child alimony, or any other monthly income, you still have good chances to be approved for loans for unemployed people.

Before borrowing money from a lender, 1FirstCashAdvance recommends you take into account the following factors:

  • Repayment terms. Unlike grants that offer free money, you will have to pay back a loan;
  • Interest rate. Short-term loans that are easy to get typically have a high-interest rate. With personal loans, you may end up paying more due to the lengthier term;
  • Lender’s credibility. Even when you need emergency cash immediately, check if the business that offers you financial help is legit.

Medical Assistance for Single Parents

Sometimes unemployment benefits or other government aid programs are not enough to help single mothers ensure primary health care services. Under the Affordable Health Care Act, a single mother can access low-cost medical or dental care programs set up by the federal government or NGOs.

1. Medicaid

Any single mom or pregnant woman can benefit from free health insurance under Medicaid. For instance, when you are not eligible for an emergency loan to cover medical expenses, Medicare can be a solution. Single mothers can extend the program to cover for their children’s medical emergencies, too.

2. Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)

Single mothers can take their children to a routine physical exam or use the program to get dental care assistance for a child. Some of the options are sponsored by free grants or programs, while others require additional payments. As a client, make sure you inquire about all the costs involved.

Educational Assistance for Single Mothers

Cash Solutions for Single Moms
Education grants and scholarships are available for single mothers pursuing a degree. Eligibility depends on factors such as academic performance and the applicant’s financial situation.

The Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation Scholarship is an example that allows women to access grants for single mothers willing to study.

Another example is the Federal Pell Grant. It allows single moms to get student loans even when their children are all grown-up. The government grants for education support a single mother to get higher education and improve their living standards.

Charity Organizations

Most Non Profit Organizations and Catholic charities run at least one program to assist single mothers in times of financial hardship. Financial aid or grants for single parents are available to everybody facing a financial crisis.

The Catholic Church runs the charity program Salvation Army. It is a popular source of donations for child care and personal finance issues. Their spectrum of services covers temporary assistance for needy people, from food and women’s shelters to clothes and cars. They rarely offer free money, directing most funds to assist single moms with child care responsibilities and cover basic needs.

The charity organizes donation campaigns. One of them takes on cars that they distribute to single moms based on a prior application.

Key Takeaways

If a single mother needs emergency financial help or could benefit from social services or grants for single parents, they should know that they are not alone. Reaching out for government grants can bring you the emergency cash you need or the child care help you need to go to work or look for a job.

Before taking hardship loans, distinguish the significant differences between grants for single mothers and loans. In the first case, you have to apply beforehand to benefit from free emergency financial help, housing assistance through single mother grants. Once you qualify for a grant, it is free of charge. On the other hand, a loan must be repaid within a certain period. Emergency loans should only be used for emergency cases (pay bills or repair services).

If you have tried it all: getting a second job, organizing a garage sale, borrowing from relatives, but nothing worked out, remember that single moms are not alone.

Kerry Vetter is a consumer finance expert and writer, who has been engaged in creating finance-related content for more than ten years. Her expertise is approved by obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Boston College, as well as receiving three major certificates as a professional advisor and counselor.  At the moment, Kerry is an author of multiple educational articles and insights that have been created in order to increase and develop financial literacy and responsible borrowing among US citizens. Her expert relevant savings advice has helped a lot of people overcome their financial issues and find out more about principles of smart spending, the right investment decisions, and budgeting.  You can read more about Kerry’s professional background here.


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    I had to go on the run with my two kids from my abusive husband. We are in a little town in Arizona. I was able to get a room for us for one night but have no way to pay for longer. Do you know where I can get help for food and shelter without my name being ran. I can’t have my husband find us

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    I’ve been going through a rough patch lately, lost my job , I’ve been looking but mostly everything requires me to have a car , single mother of a 4 year old girl trying to make it but it’s been hard because so much has been going on and not having no one to help . Any advice is appreciated

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    I am having an extremely hard time, I lost my job because of COVID and they laid me off when it came. Time to work. I have no money for Christmas no family to help at all, I was to late to sign up to salvation army for assistance, everywhere I turn I can’t get help, I’m ok going without it’s just my son I’m devastated about , I’m hoping and praying I can find help

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