online loans for customers with poor credit reports
online loans for customers with poor credit reports

Online Payday Loans No Hard Credit Checks

  • Bad Credit Score Accepted
  • Instant Approval
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  • Cover your Emergency Cash Needs!

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An emergency situation can happen to the best of us: unexpected bills to pay, car repairs, home improvements, and the list goes on. When you need money urgently don’t waste any more time! Apply for no credit check loans and get the funds the next business day or sooner!

What Is a No Credit Check Payday Loan?

A payday loan is a short-term cash advance you can get quickly and return it on your next paycheck. Payday loans with no credit check allow anyone to get cash fast to cover their immediate needs. Customers with a poor credit rating can get the exact loan amounts they need. It is because direct lenders do not perform hard credit checks, like banks and credit unions. It makes the application process faster, and the approval rate higher.

How Do Online Loans for any Credit Score Work?

After applying for an online payday loan, we connect you with direct lenders. Instead of relying on major credit bureaus to verify your credit score, the same way traditional lenders do, direct lenders only perform a soft credit inquiry. It means that only the basic information is available to them. The online lender focuses more on the source of income. It shows your ability to repay the loan on time. This way, if you have any monthly payments, you have a high chance of getting a payday loan, no matter your credit score.

How to Get Online Online Loans for Bad Credit?

The entire process of applying for loans with soft credit check takes place online in a short amount of time, and is completely safe and secure.

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100% Online Form 24/7

Fill in the loan request form. Write your personal information such as name, address, workplace and banking account details. Finish the application process by indicating the loan amount you need and clicking the send button. It is incredibly easy and only takes a couple of minutes to complete.

online payday loans no credit check

Quick Loan Decision

As soon as you apply, we send it to our network of lending services. They quickly analyze your profile and give you an answer within minutes. Even people with a poor credit report have high chances of borrowing, as the requirements are minimal and no third party is involved.

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Signing the Contract

If approved, the lender contacts you and presents you with the contract. Carefully read the terms and conditions, including all fees, the interest rate, costs, and the overall annual percentage rate (APR). If you have any questions, the lender will provide all the additional information you need. When all is clear and suits you, digitally sign the contract.

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Receiving the Money

Depending on the payday lender’s cut-off times, you can receive the money in your bank account as soon as the same day or the next day. Usually, if the request is approved before noon on a business day, you receive the money by the end of the same day. If approved any time after that, the money is funded the next business day. Immediately after, you are free to use it as you please.

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Easy Repayment

At the end of the repayment term, the lender will automatically extract the necessary sum from your bank account. Make sure you have enough funds in there. Repay in time, and you’re done!

What Are the Requirements for an Online Payday Loan Application?

Most American citizens can easily apply and get approved for a no credit check payday loan. The basic eligibility criteria are:

  • Be 18 years of age or older;
  • Be a US citizen or permanent resident;
  • Have proof of a steady source of income;
  • Have an active checking account.

Easy! These are the requirements most upon which most online lenders agree. However, depending on the state laws or third party lender’s policy, there might be some additional criteria. Make sure to search for this information before applying!

Payday Loan with No Credit Check. How Is It Possible?

Unlike traditional lenders, online payday lenders do not focus on your credit history. Instead of spending a lot of time reviewing the numbers, they quickly verify your ability to repay. To do that, they ask for proof of a steady income. It can be any paycheck or source of funds. Suppose you have cash from child support, unemployment benefits, pensions, savings, inheritance. In that case, any direct lender can easily approve you for a payday loan or for an installment loan for bad credit depending on the amount you choose.

Where to Find Payday Loans for Bad Credit?

Look no further! At 1FirstCashAdvance, you get connected with tens of direct lenders with one single application. Choose the type of the loan you want: payday or installment loan, submit the form, and we send it t a network of online lenders. By this method, we ensure higher chances of you being approved by at least one of them. Moreover, the online payday loan procedure will not affect your FICO score. Instead of running around the city and waiting in lines at traditional lenders, we offer you a connection to a large database of online payday lenders right from your computer or phone.

Benefits of Taking Loans with 1FirstCashAdvance

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Upfront fees! We are open about the costs of the products from the start. We encourage you to ask about any interest rates, fees, and other payments. Our team, as well as the lenders, will immediately reply to any question.

Use the cash with no limits! Unlike student loans or auto-loans, online payday advances don’t have to be used for a specific cause. We don’t impose any limitations upon the situations when you can use the money. You are free to choose for yourself!

Unsecured loans! We require no collateral for the loan. We don’t want to impose the risk of losing any personal assets and ask for no additional security for the amount you want to take.

Fully online! Now you don’t have to leave the house to get the cash you need. Apply at any time of the day and get the money the next business day or faster. Online payday loans require no faxing, no paperwork, and no hard credit check!


I need money immediately. How can I get a loan with no credit check if I am unemployed?

Small loans are available for borrowers with no jobs too. Payday lenders focus on the source of money rather than the credit score. Nonetheless, the source of income can vary. Funds from alimony, child support, pension funds, or even inheritance are already good enough for the lender.

How much do payday loans cost?

Keep in mind that a payday loan is a short-term cash advance. The rates are usually higher than the ones on credit cards. If you do the pay-off on time, the product is suitable for most customers. In most states, payday lenders can charge a $10 to $30 fees for every $100 loaned. It means that, if you take a $100 payday loan, you will have to repay between $110 and $130 by the end of the month. However, APR can vary according to the state or the lender. Make sure you search for this information in advance and ask the service provider if you need more clarity.

Is there a payday loan that don't do credit checks?

Most payday lenders don't perform any hard credit inquiry. Banks and credit unions mostly use hard checks. For this reason, their approval rate is much lower. Online lenders choose soft credit pulls instead. A soft credit check does not require traditional major credit bureaus, is much faster, and gives only brief information about your credit report. No matter your credit score, the payday lender can approve your loan request.

I need money urgently. How can I get money with no credit check?

No credit? No problem. The direct lender will not perform any special inquiry upon your credit history. Submit the request on our website, and a lender will shortly contact you with the loan decision. A no credit check payday loan is usually the best option for consumers with a bad FICO credit score.

Why am I not getting approved for a payday loan?

Most people are approved for no credit check loans online due to the easy eligibility criteria. If you are being denied, we suggest some basic steps. Make sure the information you submitted is correct. Sometimes small errors or typos can automatically reject the request. Read the state laws for your state specifically. Some may impose restrictions such as age limit or amount to be borrowed. Try submitting the request again, as some network mistakes are also possible. Keep in mind that you can contact us at any time of the day, and our team will help you solve the issue! Poor credit loans are the best option when you need money urgently and don't have the perfect credit score. Stop wasting time on traditional lenders - get a no credit check loan from a direct lender and receive the money quickly no matter your credit score!