About Us

<h2>Welcome to 1FirstCashAdvance</h2>

Welcome to 1FirstCashAdvance

1FirstCashAdvance Financial Help, LLC was created with the intention to allow consumers to get the money they need and help them overcome financial emergencies that arise and threaten their financial well-being.

We can help our consumers apply for loans without the hassle and wasted time often associated with searching for and getting a loan.

Our Incentives to Serve The Clients

More than half of all Americans have a “subprime” credit score. Which means that most banks will not approve their loan requests.

Unfortunately, there aren’t always a lot of trustworthy options to find the right financial help when you most need it.

Seeing a substantial need for loan services for people in such a situation, we have done everything possible to transform this website into a one-stop-shop for short-term loans.

Our History

  • 2019

    It is no longer necessary to go to dozens of lenders' websites to find the loan product you need. You fill out our simple application and lenders will send their offers to you, as long as your qualifications match their offers. We work continuously on creating the products and services that will help improve our customers' financial health. Our way of doing business is to help our customers succeed.

  • 2018

    The 1FirstCashAdvance Financial Help, LLC underwent a complex rebranding process. Latoria Williams, who was appointed as the CEO of the company, has lead the transformation. This resulted in an increased added value for our clients!

    1FirstCashAdvance in its activity is committed to raising the level of knowledge of people with limited access to ordinary resources of financing. We care about the acquaintance and consciousness of our clients by informing them of responsible lending and borrowing practices when connecting them with financial services.

    The goal of 1FirstCashAdvance is not limited to helping consumers to meet their urgent financial needs. Latoria Williams' ultimate goal is to help consumers to strengthen their long-term credit profiles.

  • 2016

    We are successful when our customers are successful. We help every our customer to find individual solutions that work. We collaborate just with trustful and verified lenders. We continued to make our products easier to apply for.

  • 2014

    We enjoy a high level of positive customers feedback. We help our customers apply for the best loan offers and save time and money in interest and fees by using our services.

  • 2010

    We contentiously improve our offers and services to comply with our company mission and values. Our customers can get the money they need as easy as possible.

  • 2006

    We have created our company to help consumers with emergency financial needs to find fast loan offers. We believe people facing credit challenges should not be limited by low credit scores or income fluctuations. We believe they deserve the same opportunities as anyone else.

Our Core Pillars

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our company mission is to help consumers with credit challenges find the best online loan offers in a timely manner. We created this company to help you, and we do it. That's just the way we like it.

Our Values

Our Values

Above all, we value your time, your reputation, and your privacy. Therefore, you can expect from us quick, legit and secure loan offers.

How Can We Help

How Can We Help

We provide our clients with several options to get the money they need and access several lenders at once. We provide valuable information on our Website to ensure that you make an informed decision.

Why Choose 1FirstCashAdvance Service

We are not a lender or a lending partner, but we are so good at what we’re doing! When you submit your loan application through our website, it is automatically sent to a network of reputable lenders. It’s as if you would apply to several different lenders at the same time. You get to save a lot of time!

After the lenders decide if they will lend you money, you receive several loan offers. You are not obliged to accept any of it! Just shop around and compare your options at your own pace.

Most importantly, there are no fees involved on our part. Applying through our platforms is completely free of charge! So, once again, welcome & feel free to shop for a loan here!