Lydia Kibet – Freelance Personal Finance Writer

Lydia Kibet – Freelance Personal Finance Writer

Full Name:

Lydia Kibet


Freelance Journalist, Personal Finance Writer

Previous experience:

  • Freelance Equities Writer, The Motley Fool
  • Freelance Writer, Healthline Media
  • Freelance Personal Finance Writer, GOBankingRates
  • Freelance Contributor, Investor Junkie
  • Freelance Financial Writer, Investopedia
  • Freelance Investment Writer, Business Insider

Personal Finance, Investing, Healthcare


University of Kabianga


Bachelor of Science, Finance


Lydia Kibet is an expert personal finance writer with 6+ years of expertise in article and blog post writing. Since 2017, she has worked with multiple startups and fintech brands and helped them boost their businesses by creating useful, informational, and well-researched content on personal finance, investing, and healthcare. Besides writing, she is also fond of reading, playing guitar, and catching up with nature.

Lydia combines creativity with tried-and-tested strategies to ensure her texts benefit readers and meet their financial goals. With her extensive experience and knowledge in the field of finance, we strongly believe she is an author that can help many readers by sharing her valuable experience.

Work Experience

Lydia started her career path with well-known fintech brands in 2020 when she joined The Motley Fool team as a Freelance Equities Writer. She worked there for 4 months (Sep 2020 – Dec 2020) and wrote informative articles on investing, with a strong focus on cannabis stocks and dividend stocks for a long-term portfolio.

Along with writing for The Motley Fool, Lydia was a Freelance Writer in Healthline Media (Sep 2020 – Dec 2020), which is a #1 digital health and wellness property. At Healthline Media, Lydia wrote articles and blog posts covering healthcare and other related topics.

In March 2021, Lydia became a part of the GOBankingRates team as a Freelance Personal Finance Writer. She still collaborates with the brand and writes articles on cryptocurrencies and investment, along with financial product reviews and blog posts on finance-related topics.

Additionally, Lydia has been a Freelance Contributor at Investor Junkie since March 2021. She still reviews various investing tools and strategies and gives useful tips on how to reach financial freedom.

In May 2021, Lydia started her path as an Investopedia’s Freelance Financial Writer. Her latest articles review family life insurance companies, but she also writes about banking, real estate, mortgages, credit cards, loans, investing, and more.

Since September 2021, she has created informative content for Business Insider as a Freelance Investment Writer. Lydia’s expertise allows her to cover various financial topics, such as taxes, savings plans, loans, financial metrics, and other personal finance areas.

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