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What is a Cash Advance?

When you need money fast, what do you do? Not every employer offers payroll advances when money is tight and an unexpected bill pops up. That’s where a cash advance comes in.

Сash advance loans are small short-term unsecured payday advances that you can get from lenders to make it to your next paycheck. At 1F Cash Advance, you can apply in minutes at least for a $100 loan and up to $1,000 to cover emergency expenses. Cash advance loans are very similar to one hour payday loans, but they don’t always require a single repayment on your next paycheck. Thus, it’s mostly used for daily necessities, paying bills, and other small expenses.

Our Cash Advance Options

Payday Loans

A payday loan is a small short-term loan with a high-interest rate. It can be a great choice when you need an extra $50 to $1,000. Online payday loans are typically repaid on a borrower’s next paycheck, so loan terms are only 2-4 weeks long.

Installment Loans

Installment loans are borrowing options with higher amounts and flexible repayment terms. With an installment loan for bad credit, an owed amount is divided by the number of months of a loan term. This term can be between 3 and 24 months.

Does 1F Cash Advance Offers Instant Funding?

We know that speed is critical when it comes to financial emergencies. Although loan processing and money funding still takes some time, 1F Cash Advance does its best to make the process lightning fast. We provide urgent assistance with funding times on the same day or by the end of the next business day.

How to Apply for a Cash Advance?

Applying through 1F Cash Advance is quick and easy. The whole process can be finished online or in a store in a few minutes. Depending on the time of day you apply and the lender's terms, you may receive the funds instantly on the same day, or within one business day.

  • Quick Application

    Fill out our application form online or in a nearby store.

  • Fast Approval

    Get a loan decision via email in a matter of minutes.

  • Get Money

    If approved, accept a loan offer and receive your funds via direct deposit to your bank account on the next business day.

How to apply for a cash advance loan

Is a Cash Advance Loan Online Right for Me?

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to find it out.

Are There Available Alternatives?

Getting a cash advance online can result in high interest rates. Before you take one out, consider a few alternative options:

  • Borrowing from family or friends;
  • Using a lower-interest or 0% credit card;
  • Dipping into your savings;

Are Terms and Conditions Clear for Me?

Make sure you fully understand how a cash advance online works before applying for it. You need to know how much and when you must pay. Go into debt only if you can afford to repay it when due.

Do I Get a Reasonable Offer?

Review your loan agreement carefully and make sure terms and conditions are transparent, with all the fees and costs disclosed. Always look at repayment terms, interest rates, and additional charges that may affect your total loan cost.

Why Choose 1F Cash Advance for Getting a Cash Advance Online?

There are many lenders and platforms that offer a cash advance online, but 1FirstCashAdvance.Org is one of a kind. We work with an established network of trusted and fair direct payday lenders only. This means that you will get competitive loan offers with no middlemen involved in the process.

We charge no upfront fees and don’t limit you in ways to use your loan. Our lenders are also willing to offer bad credit payday loans with guaranteed approval and make no traditional credit checks; plus they don’t require collateral. You can apply with any credit and expect to get the funds as soon as the next business day.

Ready to get a cash loan to cover your short-term financial needs? Make your best choice: fill out the online loan application form below!

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Cash Advance Loans FAQ

What Cash Advance Options Do I Have?

Besides a payday loan up to $1,000, installment loan, and bad credit personal loans with guaranteed approval for $5,000, you can also use your valid credit card to get a cash advance too. These options allow you to borrow against your credit limit by withdrawing money from your credit card balance. This withdrawal always comes with additional fees and higher-than-average interest rates.

Is a Cash Advance Online with No Credit Check Possible?

Sure! Our lenders don’t conduct hard credit checks through major credit bureaus. They only use alternative sources to review your income and creditworthiness. Such a check doesn’t impact your credit score.

What Maximum Loan Amount Can I Get with a Cash Advance Loan?

There are a number of factors that can affect your maximum loan amount. They include your income, credit score, state of residence, and the amount of debt you already owe. Thus, you can get as far as your income allows within your state and lender limits.

Can 1F Cash Advance Guarantee I Will Be Approved for a Cash Advance?

Although anyone is free to apply, there’s still risk of denial. Lenders may reject you if you don’t meet their eligibility criteria, including minimum income requirements. However, our approval rate is pretty high. After completing a form online or in our store, a lender will notify you via email in a few minutes.

What Are Cash Advance Loan Requirements?

To qualify for a loan from 1F Cash Advance, you commonly need to meet the following eligibility criteria: be at least 18 years old; have a valid ID card, active bank account and phone number; bring a proof of stable source of income (bank statements, child alimony, or evidence of Social Security benefits).

How Much Does a Cash Advance Cost?

A cash advance loan is a high-interest debt. However, limited loan terms make them affordable. Here’s an example for a 14-day $300 loan: the amount borrowed - $300; minimum lender’s fees - $30; annual percentage rate - 260.7%. The example shows a typical cash advance cost to qualified applicants with a minimum lender’s fee available ($10 for each $100 borrowed). The exact sum may vary depending on the lender and a borrower’s credit score.

Are Cash Advance Loans Safe?

Cash advance loans are safe, provided that you deal with a credible lender or company. At 1F Cash Advance, we partner with licensed lenders only. This means that our borrowers are under the protection of federal and state law regulations.

How Can I Contact a 1F Cash Advance Customer Service?

Our customer support is always here to help if you have any questions or concerns! Email us at [email protected], dial at (720) 428-2247, or feel out the feedback form on our website.

How Can I Find a Cash Advance Near Me?

You’re now at the right place! 1F Cash Advance allows you to get money on the go or from your couch. We operate across the US, including Alabama, California, Mississippi, Florida, and Washington. Apply online or check out the nearest store in your area.