Latoria Williams – Chief Executive Officer

1FirstCashAdvance CEO


Latoria Williams – the CEO of 1FirstCashAdvance Financial Help has a passion for helping consumers make informed financial decisions. It all started when she was studying Quantitative Finance at the University of Nevada (UNLV). Her field of study gave her insights into the cognitive and emotional factors which drive consumers to make decisions about purchasing, borrowing, banking, and more.

Working Experience

After graduating, Latoria spent five years working in the lending sector where she continued to grow her knowledge, experience, and her dream.

While at Ameriquest, Latoria worked in client service, directly interacting with customers to help explain loan products and connect them with solutions that were suited to their financial needs and goals. During that time, she built on her theoretical knowledge from the university by helping borrowers work through a diverse range of real-world financing scenarios.

Latoria developed a deep understanding of the psychological dynamics which drive borrowing decisions as well as the obstacles faced by consumers who do not qualify for prime lending services, consumers who may count only on bad credit payday loans. Thus, she contributed in the development of personal loans with guaranteed approval for bad credit service, which can help people overcome financial difficulties.

At Wachovia, Latoria was promoted to a position in administrative management. While this removed her from her customer-facing role, it gave her a chance to grow her supervisory skills and take on the leadership role which she craved.

Here she realized that her unique background in behavioral economics, combined with her experience in the lending industry, could help her serve under-banked customers who are unable to successfully apply for a loan through regular banks or credit unions, but who are eligible for no credit check loans nevertheless.

Professional Goals within the 1FirstCashAdvance Team

This led her to join 1FirstCashAdvance, in 2016. Latoria started transforming the company into the vehicle for her vision by rebranding 1FirstCashAdvance, improving the company’s concepts and adding tremendous value to it. This continues to this day.

1FirstCashAdvance’s mission today is to educate those with limited access to mainstream financial resources on responsible lending and borrowing practices and connect them with affordable financial services. Ultimately, the goal of 1FirstCashAdvance goes beyond helping consumers to meet their immediate financial needs by offering services from direct payday lenders no third party.

Latoria Williams says:

Everyone thinks that it’s so simple to reach aims with other people’s help. But if you want to be indeed satisfied with the final results, you have to shoulder your own responsibility in this process and do your best to achieve the desired goals.

Latoria’s dream is to grow financial literacy in the subprime community and help consumers to strengthen their long-term credit profiles. And she is successfully moving towards the fulfillment of her dream by helping 1FirstCashAdvance clients at the decision point to pick a loan, providing guidance to the online loan application process and explaining the functioning of services provided by 1FirstCashAdvance.

As an online business, 1FirstCashAdvance is not constricted by geography. In her previous roles, Latoria was only able to help customers in her local area, but through 1FirstCashAdvance, she has been able to educate and empower borrowers throughout the US.

Every day, consumers with nowhere else to turn look to 1FirstCashAdvance to find the financial help they need. 1FirstCashAdvance’s Financial Education Hub, Financial Blog, and News Center help customers avoid scams, protect and improve their credit scores and borrow only what they need to meet their financial emergencies.

With her behavioral knowledge, Latoria has a gift for reaching consumers, building a bridge of empathy that borrowers can cross to achieve greater financial knowledge and perspective.

Final Thoughts

No other work has been as deeply rewarding to Latoria as the chance to help the most vulnerable communities of borrowers in the US with their urgent financial needs.

Through 1FirstCashAdvance, she hopes to build a wave of increasing financial literacy, which ultimately will reduce the need for emergency same day loans, immediate 1 hour payday loans and guaranteed payday loans for bad credit.


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