Latoria Williams – Chief Executive Officer

CEO 1F Cash Advance

Full Name:

Latoria Williams


Chief Executive Officer

Previous experience:

  • Client Service, Ameriquest
  • Administrative Management, Wachovia
  • Personal banker at PNC Financial Services Group
  • Financial advisor, vice-president at Investment Banking Division, PNC Morgan Stanley
  • Chief executive officer, Fifth Third Bank Group
  • Financial technology manager, Zions Bancorporation
  • Financial expert and broker, LPL Financial
  • Quantitative Finance, University of Nevada (UNLV)
  • Foundation of Banking and Credit Courses
  • Corporate Cash Flow Analysis Courses
  • Consumer Lending (US Edition) Courses


Master’s Degree in Finance


Increased revenue by over 250% in a 3-year timespan

Work Place Address:

942 Broadway St., STE 314C Boulder, CO 80302


Latoria Williams – the CEO of 1F Cash Advance LLC – has a passion for helping consumers make informed financial decisions. It all started when she studied Quantitative Finance at the University of Nevada (UNLV). Her field of study gave her insights into the cognitive and emotional factors which drive consumers to make decisions about purchasing, borrowing, banking, and more.

Working Experience

  • While at Ameriquest, Latoria worked in client service, directly interacting with customers to help explain loan products. She helped them to connect with solutions that were suited to their financial needs and goals. During that time, she built on her theoretical knowledge from the university by helping borrowers work through a diverse range of real-world financing scenarios.
  • At Wachovia, in one year, Latoria was promoted to a position in administrative management. Here she realized that her unique background in behavioral economics, combined with her experience in the lending industry, could help her serve under-banked customers who are unable to successfully apply for a loan through regular banks or credit unions but who are eligible for no credit check loans nevertheless.
  • After one year and a half, Latoria Williams also worked as a personal banker at PNC Financial Services Group. In this role, she developed a working knowledge of the banking sales industry and the skills to network and negotiate effectively, communicate verbally, write clearly, and interact with others. She also learned to multi-task and work efficiently and effectively to meet deadlines.
  • For two years, she has been a financial advisor at Investment Banking Division since she joined PNC Morgan Stanley. She’s an expert communicator and knows how to connect with others. She’s also an excellent salesperson, able to reach out to clients and get them on board with her ideas. She has a knack for organization and attention to detail, so no matter what project she’s working on, it gets done right—and on time. Latoria is also great at problem-solving. She can look at any situation and quickly develop solutions for all parties involved.
  • For more than three years, Latoria also brought her experience in banking and leadership to Fifth Third Bank Group as a chief executive officer. Here, Latoria developed her soft skills. She learned how to work in a large organization, communicate with people at all levels, and lead teams of people who were much older than her. In addition to her soft skills, Latoria also learned the ins and outs of the banking industry. For example, she learned how to manage customer accounts and assist customers in opening new accounts. In addition, she learned how to find information on the internet to help customers find what they need.
  • At Zions Bancorporation, Latoria worked for nine months as a financial technology manager. Latoria was the financial technology manager at Zions Bancorporation, where she managed the lending network. Her duties included running regular checks on the lending system and data security, identifying and acting on opportunities to improve lending systems, and developing and implementing IT policy and best practice guides for the organization. She has been able to use these skills in her current role at Zions Bancorporation, where she is responsible for managing the company’s IT systems.
  • At LPL Financial, Latoria worked for 14 months as a financial expert and broker. As part of her job, she developed her soft skills and lending expertise. She could access an array of resources from the company, including financial literacy training and other resources that helped her learn about the industry and become more knowledgeable about it. Latoria was also able to use these skills in her personal life. She has used them to help family members with their finances, friends, and colleagues at work.

Financial Education & Courses

  • Foundation of Banking and Credit Courses (skills: explanation of banks’ societal and economic roles);
  • Corporate Cash Flow Analysis Courses (skills: preparation of projections to assess future cash flow quality and project future cash flow);
  • At the Consumer Lending (US Edition) Courses (skills: identification and gathering the documentation needed to assess a consumer credit request);

Professional Goals within the 1F Cash Advance Team

Latoria Williams says:

Everyone thinks that it’s so simple to reach aims with other people’s help. But if you want to be indeed satisfied with the final results, you have to shoulder your own responsibility in this process and do your best to achieve the desired goals.

In 2020, she joined 1F Cash Advance. Latoria started transforming the company into the vehicle for her vision by rebranding 1F Cash Advance, improving its concepts, and adding tremendous value to it. This mission continues to this day.

Every day, consumers with nowhere else to turn look to 1F Cash Advance to find the financial help they need. 1F Cash Advance’s Financial Education Hub, Financial Blog, and News Center help customers avoid scams, protect and improve their credit scores and borrow only what they need to meet their financial emergencies.

With her behavioral knowledge, Latoria has a gift for reaching consumers, building a bridge of empathy that borrowers can cross to achieve greater financial knowledge and perspective.

No other work has been as deeply rewarding to Latoria as the chance to help the most vulnerable communities of borrowers in the US with their urgent financial needs.

Through 1F Cash Advance, she hopes to build a wave of increasing financial literacy, which ultimately will reduce the need for emergency same day loans, immediate 1 hour payday loans and guaranteed payday loans for bad credit.

In the media (Quotes and interviews)

Latoria Williams has an extensive background in lending development, as well as an understanding of how to work with Americans who need money. Her passion for inspiring others drives her to share her knowledge and experience. Latoria has been featured in several media outlets, including:

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