Our Initiatives

About 1F Cash Advance Financial Choice Philanthropic Activities

Once a famous author, Anthony Robbins, said:

“The secret to wealth is simple: Find a way to do more for others than anyone else does. Become more valuable. Do more. Give more. Be more. Serve more.”

This phrase always reminds us that in order to be successful and build wealth, we need to give more. As much as possible.

That’s why the quote has become a perpetual motto for 1F Cash Advance and its members.

In addition to helping customers to overcome their hardships with various payday loans from direct lenders and address improvement of financing for people with bad credit, we decided to be involved in different philanthropic activities and become a sponsor for various companies and organizations in order to support their valuable projects and campaigns.

Latoria Williams, the Principal CEO of 1F Cash Advance, believes that when you put good out into the world – it always comes back to you.

Other team members and expert authors, Kerry Vetter and Michael Lefler, share her genuine goodwill and totally support the idea of pursuing initiatives for such financial assistance.

At the moment, our company helped a lot of establishments to make their ideas a reality and advertise them all-around media sources. The list of the sponsored projects is growing from day to day: institute studies, research activities, electoral campaigns, environment improvement projects, charities, etc. Our contribution was genuinely recognized by all the organizations and, in most cases, became a starting point for long-term and reliable cooperation.

The 1F Cash Advance financial experts never rest on the laurels and try to make the world better with every passing day. We fervently hope that right these actions will encourage and motivate people to join us on the road to constant grant assistance for others.

Globe Digital Literacy Workshop in PSU

On April 24-25, 2019, The Globe Telecommunications Company and Palawan State University (PSU) Information and Communication Technology Office (ICTO) launched a new financial digital literacy training, called “PRISM,” in partnership with Latoria Williams.

1F Cash Advance members expressed an incredible interest in cooperating with the Globe Telecommunication Company and supporting their project in every respect.

Tommy Thompson’s Welfare Reform and its Impact on Society and Finances

The focus of Tommy Thompson activity was providing people with low income better chances to gain their living and make sure they receive the social support they need. Tommy Thompson’s welfare reform is offering opportunities to licensed payday loan direct lenders to provide their service in Wisconsin and help people in their financial emergency needs.

Dublin City Childcare Committee

The primary goal of the Dublin City Childcare Committee (DCCC) is to develop and enhance early childhood services, continually working with parents, early years providers, and related organizations.

Considering the Committee’s activity importance, we became one of the sponsoring organizations providing significant funding and consulting support to the foundation. A lot of DCCC programs have been sponsored and improved by the company: TEC (Training and Employment Childcare), ECCE (Early Childhood Care and Education), CCS & CCSP (Community Childhood Subvention & CCS Plus), etc.

Participation in the USAID Project in Macedonia

The principal CEO of 1F Cash Advance, joined the USAID’s side of the project, Macedonia Connects, in order to bring wireless and affordable internet access for primary and secondary schools in Macedonia, as well as to people in many sectors of the nation’s society.

Through the new ongoing participation in the USAID Project, 1F Cash Advance provided the necessary funding and finance-related advisory support supervising maintenance in the activity of supply items and the delivery of services.

Affordable Care Act Review - possibilities and future financial options

The Affordable Care Act Review is aiming to analyze the impact ACA has on American employees and providers. 1F Cash Advance – alongside ACA Review, gives you the possibility to solve health coverage issues and provides advice for employees.

Wild Hear Wildlife Foundation

To support the projects designed for assisting with Wildlife Treatment and Rescue Operations in Southern Africa, 1F Cash Advance joins the Wild Hear Wildlife Foundation (WHWF) campaign.

The contribution of our company consists of providing two anti-poaching camera traps to help protect the Lions in the sanctuaries, as well as supplying them with necessary provision and equipment to keep the orphanages and reserves operational.