We Initiate a New Ongoing Participation in the USAID Project in Macedonia

The principal CEO of 1F Cash Advance started her cooperation with the USAID in order to bring broadband internet access to remote villages in Macedonia

Recently, the CEO of the company, Latoria Williams, joined the USAID’s side of the project, Macedonia Connects, intending to provide wireless and affordable internet access for primary and secondary schools in Macedonia, as well as to people in many sectors of the nation’s society.
1F Cash Advance Participation in the USAID Project in Macedonia
According to the statistics, about 70% of Macedonian citizens have never used the internet, and only 30% of all computers have been connected to the internet. The primary reasons for such a low level of internet usage are non-affordable high costs for the service and computer equipment, as well as the low level of ICT literacy and lack of useful content among all the residents.

In order to let Macedonian citizens afford the equipment and internet connection maintenance, they were provided with the possibility to use 1F Cash Advance services, such as no credit check loans and bad credit loans. These options allowed them to receive the needed funds with no long time to wait and a good credit score to have.

The USAID was responsible for the whole process of implementing mesh technologies and putting the needed equipment at educational institutions across the country. For her part, Latoria Williams provided the necessary funding and finance-related advisory support supervising maintenance in the activity of supply items and the delivery of services.

In addition, the Principal CEO of 1F Cash Advance offered the USAID project participants different long-term options for urgently covering the required expenditures by applying for 1-hour payday loans. The project members were provided with the best cash advance options designed for the successful and effective realization of the working plan.

As for now, Latoria Williams is still involved in supporting the US Agency for International Development project as well as spreading and implementing ICT literacy action plan among all the potential internet users in Macedonia.