$3,500 personal loan
$3,500 personal loan

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  • Bad credit is OK
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Written by Kerry Vetter | Reviewed by Michael Lefler | Edited by Latoria Williams

Taking out a $3,500 loan will help you make a debt consolidation or pay for a large purchase. These personal loans often have lower interest rates than credit cards, making them an affordable alternative to cover your financial needs.

Discover 1F Cash Advance options and get loan offers with flexible repayment terms and convenient monthly payments. Many lenders are waiting to provide you with this loan amount regardless of your credit rating.

How to Get $3,500 with Bad Credit?

The first step is to shop around for a loan for $3,500 with bad credit and see if lenders work with less-than-perfect credit borrowers. A lower credit score isn’t a problem for borrowing loans with fixed monthly payments. Apply on our platform and receive loan offers that will fit your requests. You can compare the interest rate (annual percentage rate), origination fee, monthly payment amount, and other additional fees.

But before accepting a loan offer, consider meeting all the eligibility criteria, which include:

  • Age: 18 years old and above;
  • Citizenship/residence: be a US citizen or have a permanent residence;
  • Employment status: be employed the last three months;
  • Bank details: have a valid checking account;
  • Contact data: provide an active email and phone number.

Note: These requirements may vary by lender, and some lending companies may request your Social Security number, but it’s not a rule. Consider asking your loan provider about the basic eligibility criteria.

get a $3,500 personal loan with bad credit

Where to Get $3,500 Loans?

There are several methods for obtaining $3,500 loans in one business day. Your needs and financial emergencies determine it. You may, however, select one of the following methods:

Online Lenders

Many internet lenders operate in accordance with US law. Consider browsing around for reputed loan providers who will deliver you appropriate options. Also, keep an eye out for fraudsters and questionable application forms.


Getting a pawnshop loan makes you provide a valuable object, such as a piece of jewelry or an expensive watch, as collateral. You can receive the money instantly. You may use your collateral if you don’t repay the money on time.

Auto Title Lenders

Title lenders will request your car as collateral to provide the needed loan amount. The sum will depend on the value of your vehicle and its model. The advantage of this loan is that you can drive your car while paying the debt.

Friends and family

Borrowing money from your family members or friends may be risky even if there are more flexible repayment terms and no interest charges. However, you must pay the debt on time to avoid further issues with your loved ones.

What are the Types of $3,500 Personal Loans?

Determine what loan you can get before applying for a $3,500 loan. You can pick between two types of loans:

Secured Personal Loans

To get a secured loan, you must provide collateral to show your lender you can repay the loan on time. For example, if you have a poor credit report but have a valuable property, consider secured loans. These financial products have lower interest rates and sometimes no origination fees. If you need more money, you can get a $4,500 personal loan with longer repayment terms.

Unsecured Personal Loans

Unsecured loans are slightly more expensive than secured ones. When lending you an unsecured personal loan, the provider risks its assets if you don’t repay the debt on time. That’s why it sets higher interest charges and a certain origination fee.

Can I Get Instant $3,500 Loans?

No service provider may guarantee instant funding of a $3,500 loan. However, some lenders give same-day loans if you apply for a loan early in the morning. Thus, you’ll provide the loan provider time to review your loan application. The direct deposit may take place by the end of the same day.

Does a $3,500 Personal Loan Have Fixed Interest Rates?

A $3,500 personal may have either a fixed or variable interest rate for repayment. If you’re considering getting a personal loan for 3,500 dollars, one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make is whether you want a loan with a fixed or variable interest charge. It all depends on the lender you apply to and the market situation.

$3,500 Personal Loan Monthly Payment

The monthly payments of a $3,500 personal loan depend on the repayment term you choose. Plus, considering its interest rates that usually don’t exceed 36%, the payments are as follows:

Loan Term APR Monthly Payment Total Interest Paid
12 months 36% $351.62 $719.41
24 months 36% $206.67 $1,459.98
36 months 36% $160.31 $2,271.28
48 months 36% $138.52 $3,149.07

Apply for a $3,500 Loan through 1F Cash Advance!

We value your time and effort, so we want you to stop searching and suggest you apply on our platform. You can get a $3,500 loan from our lenders within one business day. They work with bad credit borrowers and have reasonable interest charges.

Practical Advice from Latoria Williams

  • Ensure your credit score is at least fair (680) before applying for a loan.
  • Compare the interest rates.
  • Search for additional fees or commissions.
  • Ask all about the basic requirements you must meet before accepting an offer.

Kerry Vetter

Written by: Kerry Vetter

Published: Dec 5, 2023