Kerry Vetter – Finance Expert and Writer

Kerry Vetter

Full Name:

Kerry Vetter


Finance Expert and Writer

Previous experience:

  • Financial adviser at Direct Federal Credit Union
  • Banking Manager at Star Bank
  • Virtual Banker at Republic Bank & Trust Company
  • Financial adviser at PennyMac Loan Services
  • Commercial Banking Assistant at Guaranty Bank & Trust
  • Boston College
  • Certified Private Wealth Advisor® (CPWA®)
  • Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor (CRPC®)
  • Certified Plan Fiduciary Advisor (CPFA)


Master of Science in Finance


Helped thousands of Americans to reduce debt and improve financial literacy

Work Place Address:

942 Broadway St., STE 314C Boulder, CO 80302


Kerry shares her vast knowledge of loans, debt, savings, and investments as a financial writer at 1F Cash Advance LLC. She is a financial services industry expert who has been offering goal-based wealth management advice to clients for three decades.


Kerry graduated from Boston College in the 1990s with a Master of Science in Finance. After that, she received additional training to become a Certified Private Wealth Advisor® (CPWA®) and is a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor (CRPC®), and a Certified Plan Fiduciary Advisor (CPFA).

Working Experience

Kerry Vetter says:

Most people don’t have the chance to learn about managing money until they have to — when they need to pay for an emergency expense or find themselves deep in debt — I want to use my experience and knowledge to teach people about making smart spending decisions before they have problems and also to guide them when they really need it.

  • She started her career on the institutional side of the financial sector, working with such companies as Direct Federal Credit Union (financial adviser) and Star Bank Branch in Massachusetts (banking manager). As a financial adviser at Direct Federal Union, she helped take control of customers’ finances by identifying wasted money and recommending ways to save more. Also, she created plans for retirement by creating a financial plan that includes contributions to traditional and Roth IRAs, a 401(k), or other options.
  • As a banking manager at Star Bank, she was in charge of a bank branch and helped to keep it running smoothly. Her job involved ensuring that all the employees were working properly, keeping track of money that came in and went out of the bank, and helping customers with their problems.
  • Kerry Vetter has worked as a Virtual Banker at Republic Bank & Trust Company for over five years. In her role, she greeted all clients in a timely, professional manner and effectively used bank resources, procedure manuals, and reference materials to service client inquiries independently. She also processed all Interactive Teller Machine (ITM) transactions through video interaction efficiently and accurately while providing quality customer service and building customer loyalty.
  • After these years, Kerry Vetter was a financial adviser at PennyMac Loan Services, where she worked with clients to ensure they were on the right path to their financial goals. Kerry engaged with clients and helped them set up meetings in person, over the phone, or online to discuss their current financial situation and future plans. She then used this information to conduct in-depth reviews of the client’s finances and create a plan best suited for their needs.
  • Kerry Vetter has also worked as a Commercial Banking Assistant at Guaranty Bank & Trust for three years. She provided administrative assistance to the Commercial Banking Officer(s), in various aspects of loan origination and ongoing banking relationships.
  • Vetter delivered excellent customer service, performing various clerical duties requiring knowledge of departmental/SOX procedures, cross-marketing bank products, and IT services as appropriate, adhering to all department and company policies and procedures, and following applicable banking regulations. This working experience helped her a lot while creating the 1F Cash Advance App – a reliable IT product for 1F Cash Advance customers.
    She provided administrative assistance to the Commercial Banking Officer(s) in various aspects of loan origination and ongoing banking relationships. She also performed clerical functions, including faxing documents, preparing correspondence, copying borrower information, scanning documents, etc.

Professional Goals within the 1F Cash Advance Team

Drawing on decades of finance experience, Kerry now shares her wisdom with many more people by writing helpful articles with actionable advice about ways to reduce debt, manage money, improve credit score, and increase wealth. Her passion for helping people make smart spending and investment decisions brought her to 1F Cash Advance to bring her expertise in goal-focused financial advising to a broader audience who can benefit from her relevant tips.

Final Thoughts

Many emotional factors affect people’s spending, saving, and investing decisions, so finance writers must understand and empathize with others to offer the most helpful advice. Kerry incorporates her background in financial advising and her people skills when writing about money matters, breaking down complex ideas into simple terms that everyone can understand.

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