Edward Evans – Money Management Expert

1F Cash Advance Money Management Expert

Edward Evans is a money management expert of 1F Cash Advance and a freelance author of personal finance columns for various financial magazines and newspapers. His core career goal is to provide financial advice and tips on financial literacy that will be accessible to an average American family or individual.

Edward is passionate about money management and strives to educate people on its principles in a way that will be comprehensible to his readers, friends, and community members. This way, he strives to inspire others to gain control of their personal finances and build wealth. He also tweets a lot about how the lending industry works, exposes scammers, and dispels popular myths about lending.


Bachelor’s degree in Economics at Truman State University.


  • Money management expert of 1F Cash Advance;
  • Freelance financial writer;
  • The member and key player of the Financial Planners of Missouri.


Edward Evans has devoted most of his career path to working in the field of financial planning. His journey began with getting a job as Financial Planner at Commerce Trust Company, where he helped customers plan and execute long-term financial strategies. After that, he joined the Financial Planners of Missouri as a Wealth Management Advisor. His responsibilities included advising individuals on money management and finding effective strategies for planning and capital growth. At that time, Edward decided to try freelancing and wrote articles for various economic newspapers and magazines, which is still one of his primary jobs.

After 17 years of successful work in financial planning, Edward decides to share his knowledge with people who do not have the opportunity to get paid advice. This decision led him to 1F Cash Advance, and he became the driving force of our team. Edward shares our values and is always at our customers’ service when they need qualified assistance.

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