Josephine Nesbit – Personal Finance Writer

Josephine Nesbit – Freelance Personal Finance Writer

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Josephine Nesbit


Freelance Personal Finance Writer

Previous experience:

As an author and contributor, Josephine is featured in multiple well-known real estate, mortgage, and personal finance brands, such as:

  • GoBanking Rates
  • US News
  • Fox Business
  • Bankrate
  • Finance Yahoo

The Ohio State University


Josephine has helped multiple businesses get more eyes on their messaging by creating high-quality content that meets the audience’s needs.


Josephine Nesbit is a freelance copywriter with extensive expertise in real estate, mortgage, and personal finance areas. Her passion for these topics dates back to childhood as she grew up going to open houses with her grandmother, who was a realtor for over 30 years. Many years later, Josephine graduated from The Ohio State University and began her writing career in 2016 in order to share her knowledge with an audience that wants to get better at topics related to homeownership and personal finance.

She started her own brand in 2020 and helped numerous publications spice up their messaging with high-quality and informative content. Her texts have appeared in multiple trusted and reliable publications, like GoBanking Rates, Bankrate, Rocket Mortgage, US News, and more. She also helps small businesses on a case-by-case basis.

Josephine is dedicated to helping people find answers to their financial questions by writing useful, informative, and fascinating texts that both tell the story and help those who are not financially savvy delve deeper into the topic they want to cover. She loves her job and, by her own admission, “eat, sleep, and breathe it.”

We believe that Josephine can make some points clearer for our readers and are happy to welcome her to our creative team. Together we can highlight the importance of financial freedom and explore core aspects of personal finance topics.

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