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What is a Cash Advance?

When you need money fast, what do you do? Not every employer offers cash advances to employees when money is tight, or an unexpected bill popped up. That’s where we come in.

On 1FirstCashAdvance.Org, you can apply in minutes for a small cash advance of $100 and more to cover emergency expenses. Typically, a cash advance refers to a short term unsecured loan, that is quickly deposited to your checking account after approval. The amount you borrow is not big, so it’s mostly used for daily necessities, paying bills and other small expenses. Cash advance loans are very similar to one hour payday loans, but they don’t always require a single repayment on your next paycheck.

Our Cash Advance Options

Payday Loans

These cash advance loans are suitable when you need to borrow amounts ranging between $50 and $1,000. Online payday loans are so-named because traditionally, you repay them on your next payday. Loan terms are usually only a few weeks long.

Installment Loans

Need to borrow more than you would with a small dollar payday loan, or need more time to pay off your cash advance loan? An installment loan with no hard credit check has longer repayment terms and gives you the option of borrowing loan amounts up to $5,000 (depending on your state’s limits). You may have a period of up to 2 years to repay an installment loan.

How It Works

How do you apply for a cash advance loan online? It’s quick and easy as you don't need time-consuming visits to banks. The whole process can be finished by filling an online application, receiving approval and finally agreeing to terms and conditions. Depending on the time of day you apply and on lender's terms, you may be able to receive your cash loan instantly on the same day or within one business day.

  • Quick Application

    Fill out our online application form. It’ll take you just a few minutes.

  • Fast Approval

    Find out instantly if you qualify. Select a suitable loan offer, review the terms, and sign electronically.

  • Get Money

    Receive your funds via direct deposit to your bank account on the next business day. Apply early in the morning to get same-day funding.

Cash Advance Online Requirements


You need to be 18 years old or older.


You must be a US citizen or permanent resident.


We'll ask for employment details and proof of income.

Personal Details

You need an active bank account, phone number and email address.

Why Choose 1FirstCashAdvance.Org for an Online Cash Advance?

There are many online cash advance lenders and platforms, but 1FirstCashAdvance.Org is different. We work with an established network of trusted and fair direct payday lenders only. Our large base means you get access to competitive loan offers with no third party, a streamlined approval process, and no hidden fees.

Cash loans obtained through us can be used for anything. With cash advances, lenders won’t check where you’re using the loan, so use it freely, without having to explain yourself later.

Our lenders do not run traditional credit checks and don’t require collateral. To protect your credit score, they may run a soft “alternative” credit check instead. They are also willing to offer bad credit payday loans with guaranteed approval.

We want you to succeed financially, so we encourage you to use cash advances responsibly. By doing so, you can build credit while paying back your loan with regular, predictable payments.

Ready to get the cash you need to cover your short-term financial needs? Make your best choice: fill out the quick online cash advance application form below!