guaranteed approval installment loans from direct lenders
guaranteed approval installment loans from direct lenders

Guaranteed Installment Loans for Bad Credit

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  • Bad Credit is Allowed
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When you need funds quickly and want to repay them slowly – choose guaranteed installment loans for bad credit. You can get quick cash from direct lenders with no credit check! Apply online today, and get the funds the next business day or sooner.

What Are Installment Loans for Bad Credit?

An installment loan is a loan product you can get fast and pay back within a more extended period, even if you have poor credit. Usually, you can get between $1,000 or $2,000 and $5,000 in installment loans. You repay the loan in 2 to 24 months. Each month, you return a small part of the money in equal monthly installments. Every lump sum is the same amount.

If connected to a direct lender, people with bad credit can get installment loans with instant approval. We work with a wide network of such financial structures. With only one application, tens of providers receive your request with the help of our service. No matter your credit score, you can apply for bad credit installment loans on our website and get a quick loan decision.

When Do You Need Installment Loans from Direct Lenders?

Most customers use online installment loans to cover immediate expenses. These can be emergency bills, home improvements, car repairs, or credit card debt consolidation. When you need cash fast but want to repay over a more extended period, personal loans repaid in installments are the right product for you.

You may rely on direct lenders for installment loans even when you have a poor credit score. Online loan providers don’t perform traditional checks but focus on your source of income. It shows your ability to repay the loan on time. This information is sufficient for easy approval.

Guaranteed Installment Loans – How Is this Possible?

The term “guaranteed” refers to the high approval rate of installment loans rather than the 100% positive answer from service providers. Many online lending services lead people on by naming their products “installment loans with guaranteed approval.” The truth is that no lender can fully guarantee the approval of your loan application. They follow a set of criteria when accepting requests.

However, all online personal loans acceptance rate is several times higher than that of banks and credit unions. Traditional financial companies offer you a loan exclusively when you have good credit. Simultaneously, online lenders are flexible and approve you easier, no matter your credit score.

Apply For Guaranteed Installment Loans for Bad Credit

How Does an Installment Loan with Bad Credit Work?

To start the process, you have to submit an online loan application. You complete the form with your name, personal details, contact information, checking account information, email address, and other data. Include the amount of cash you need and submit. The entire application process takes only a couple of minutes.

When you apply, we immediately send it to the network of installment loan lenders. One of them will come up with a loan decision and contact you. They will send you the contract via email. Carefully read the terms and conditions, interest rate, fees, repayment terms, and additional costs. Ask questions to explain any unclarities that arise.

After you sign the loan agreement, a direct deposit is made to your bank account. Depending on the provider’s cut-off terms, you may receive the loan amounts as soon as the same day or the next business day. We recommend you immediately sketch a repayment plan. Return the monthly payments within the agreed loan term and avoid late repayment costs.

Who Can Take an Installment Loan from Direct Lenders?

The eligibility criteria for most online personal loans are easy to meet. To take a guaranteed approval installment loan, you have to match the requirements:

  • Be 18 years of age or older;
  • Be a citizen or a permanent resident of the United States;
  • Have an active bank account;
  • Have proof of a steady source of income.

If your profile matches the criteria above, you can apply for a guaranteed loan! Nonetheless, we recommend checking the exact state laws of your residence. Some regulations may differ.

I Need a Guaranteed Installment Loan - Why Choose 1F Cash Advance?

We value every client and customize our services to your needs regularly. When you borrow with the help of 1F Cash Advance, you have endless benefits:

  • Non-stop service! Our website works 24/7, so you can apply anytime during the day or night. You can take a loan on holidays or weekends too! Customer service is also available 24 hours a day to answer any of your questions whenever they arise.
  • Unsecured loans, no collateral! Forget about the risk of losing personal assets. The loans you find on our website are unsecured and don’t require any collateral. Get an unsecured loan today without any losses!
  • Direct lenders! We work with direct loan providers only. No third party is involved in any operation, making it faster and more secure. They give you an almost instant loan decision, and you get the money quickly!
  • Top-notch safety! Your information is safe with us at all times. We use the best security systems to keep your data confidential and share it only with trusted lenders.
  • A large variety of loans for bad credit! Besides installment, you can find payday loans, personal loans, and many other products on our website. They offer high approval rates and a fast cash deposit for people with a bad credit history.

Bad Credit, Welcome! Online Loans with No Credit Check from Direct Lenders!

Traditional lenders, like credit unions or banks, perform hard credit checks for every personal loan. They offer financing only to applicants with good credit history and reject those with poor credit. On the other hand, online lenders don’t perform traditional checks but only soft pulls.

Direct lenders don’t require additional credit score information from major credit bureaus, but quickly check the information available about your profile. They have minimum credit requirements and verify your ability to repay the loan on time.

Moreover, unemployed applicants can quickly get any type of personal loan from direct lenders too. Alimony, child support, social security, inheritance, unemployment benefits, and other sources can all serve as proof of steady income. Even if you are unemployed and have bad credit, you can still get a personal loan with 1F Cash Advance.

What Other Funding Options for Bad Credit Are There?

The online loans on our website are suitable for applicants with bad credit. You have to decide the amount you need and the repayment period of your choice. You have the option of payday loans for the short term. Cash loans usually let you borrow between $100 and $1,000, but some specific state regulations might apply.

Payday loans are short-term loans, and the entire loan amount has to be repaid within one month at most. It is also essential to know that payday loans have a relatively high-interest rate. For this reason, we recommend using a payday loan for short-term expenses and respecting the payment terms. This way, you don’t risk unpleasant financial losses when using cash advances.

You can choose personal loans for larger amounts than installment loans and a more extended repayment period. You can get from $4,000 to $15,000 with a personal loan. A loan of this type has a repayment term of up to 60 months and may require a guarantor for approval if you have bad credit. If you are interested in these products, you can get a loan on our website or browse it for more options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are installment loans for bad credit scores a good idea?

Installment loans for bad credit are worth applying only if you are ready to repay them on time, with interest rates and additional fees charged by your lender. Consider these loans when having more significant expenses, for example, major car repairs or home improvements.

I need money today. Can I get an installment loan with no credit check?

Yes, you can get an installment loan with no traditional check on 1F Cash Advance! No hard credit checks are performed, unlike traditional credit companies. You can get a loan with bad or no credit and even improve your credit. Submit the request on our website, and you will be contacted within a few minutes.

Where can I find guaranteed installment loans?

Apply for installment loans on our website. The approval rate is considerably higher than from other platforms. However, there is no guaranteed approval. Almost all customers become borrowers when they apply through us. Nonetheless, no lender can guarantee that they will accept your request. Double-check your information before submitting to increase your already high chances of acceptance.

What credit score do I need to get online installment loans with instant approval?

You'll need to ask the particular lender about the lowest credit score to get online installment loans with instant loan approval decisions. Usually, most personal loan lenders accept only good credit, and others allow scores as low as 560.

I need cash ASAP. Are there any installment loans for bad credit near me?

Look no further! Our lending entities do not pay great attention to credit scores. Moreover, you cannot fall into a debt trap, as an installment loan is short to long-term. The equal monthly repayments will keep you on schedule until you complete the payoff. On our website, you can take bad credit loans from the comfort of your home 24/7, even on weekends and holidays. Our lenders provide guaranteed installment loans for bad credit for Georgia, Florida, Texas, Ohio, California, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, and Wisconsin residents.

How can I get an easy approval loan for poor credit?

All you have to do is submit a request and meet the minimum requirements mentioned above. A hard check is not done when approving your request for guaranteed installment loans. You can apply for the desired loan amount on our website for long or short-term loans, even if you have bad credit. Don’t let the bad credit stop you! Apply today and get the funds in your bank account the next business day or sooner!

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Written by: Latoria Williams

Updated: Jun 12, 2024