35 Money-Making Hobbies You Should Try Today

35 Money-Making Hobbies You Should Try Today


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Everyone should know about these money-making hobbies because finding a favorite project that doubles your source of income is the goal, right? The key is to take the first step. It’s that simple!

You have some hobbies that could open new possibilities if you knew how to make them fruitful and could help you make more money. A kind of passive income that could become a full and long-lasting income.

So, imagine more than 30 opportunities to increase your monthly income by doing what you like. Does it look like a joke? Well, it’s not! We present the top 35 money-making hobbies to help you earn extra money daily with minimum effort and maximum pleasure.

Top Hobbies That Make Money

Here is our list of the most common hobbies that make money:

1. Sell DIY Crafts Online

Do-it-yourself hobbies are a relaxing way to spend your spare time and make extra money by doing great things. For example, you could create and sell handmade jewelry or wood accessories on E-commerce websites. Even if they take commissions for your sold items, it is worth selling your DIY crafts at fair prices. Try platforms like Cratejoy or eBay.

2. Catering

If cooking is one of your favorite hobbies, improve it and start selling catering services for events or local restaurants. Some of them hire outsourced services provided by cookers. Become one of them and make money by catering for birthdays, weddings, or corporate events.

However, before this, do comprehensive research and offer an authentic way of catering. In 2023, there is always a need for something new regarding street food or foreign cuisine. It is your chance to change the food perception of Americans.

3. Photography

Become a freelance photographer and make money by traveling, making product photos, or keeping memories from different family events alive. All these options fit your needs if you adore photography science. It is one of the most common hobbies that make money, but it doesn’t look as simple as it sounds. First, you should buy a professional device to help you create amazing photos and show your professionality. Find some photo courses that will improve your skills in this niche.

4. Blogging

You could make money online today, but there are too many methods you could choose, be it blogging on Instagram, Facebook, or another platform. How to choose one platform that will help you make money? You could buy a cheap domain and write thoughts on your website. You could write book reviews and recipes or share your experiences while traveling. Don’t worry if you don’t have many followers in the beginning. Just stick to your plan and follow the rule of consistency.

5. Content Writing for Businesses

After you start your own blog and gain some experience, maybe it’s time to make it for others. It is also one of the most used hobbies that make money within several weeks. For example, you could begin writing for local startups that opened a website recently. Most can’t pay for a professional content writer. You could offer a small price for 2-3 articles on their website. It will be an amazing input for your future portfolio.

6. Illustration & Design

Do you like to draw and want to make money on it? Cool! But in 2023, the simple drawing won’t help you pay monthly bills. Maybe it’s a good idea to start some illustration courses or design that will bring your talent to another level. Many projects hire digital drawers to create amazing illustrations used in different fields like marketing, food, blogging, or real estate. Research the top 10 best free online illustration and design courses; then choose the one that fits your starter abilities and go ahead!

way to make money from your hobby

7. Interior Decorating

One of the most profitable hobbies that make money is creating digital product ideas in interior decorating. Even if you’re not an interior designer, start by reading about interior design and helping your family and friends decorate. You’ll gain experience and sincere feedback. Afterward, you could provide your design expertise online. No need to meet in person with the client. They can send you photos, measurements, and other information you need to provide your expert opinion. Sure, you’ll need some free time to evaluate your knowledge in the design field, but it’s never too late to start improving it.

8. Dog Walking and Pet Sitting

If you adore furry friends, know how to care for them, and want to make money, start a dog walking or pet sitting. Some pet owners gained much experience caring for them at home and started making money by providing such services for neighbors or friends. You could do the same by starting with a low hourly price, say 5 dollars, and caring for your neighbor’s cats that hate going outside. You could make new friends by pet sitting if you’re an introvert. Who knows?

9. Music

Listening to music is relaxing, but what if you could create jingles for advertising videos and sell them fairly? Looks like a great idea for a profitable hobby, isn’t it? Usually, brands hire part-time DJs that mix sounds and create amazing music lines for an ad. Some are paid per hour, while others get paid for the project. It depends on your ability to handle mixing platforms and hear the best sound combinations.

10. Gardening

The Z generation may say, “Well, I’m not my grandma to take care of flowers.” But studies show that millennials spend almost $13 billion on house plants yearly, and half of them sell them on different E-commerce platforms. It means millennials are searching for the most relaxing hobbies that make money, and gardening is one of them. You should know that such services have peak activity in the summer months. If you run your business full-time, you must monitor your cash flow for the slower winter months. Such hobbies like gardening are excellent for students, teachers, and others who may have more summertime time.

11. Calligraphy

Maybe it’s the opposite of blogging (digital writing), but it’s no less worth trying. School teachers tried to teach us to write correctly by rounding all the letters. If you remember how to do it correctly and like calligraphy writing, start “selling the words” and make money. Does it sound tricky? Yes. But does it stop you from making some extra cash? No! Start with purchasing some calligraphy pens and quality paper. The next step is writing inspiring quotes and putting them in the fancy frame. It could be a nice gift for those who don’t know what they want on their birthday.

12. YouTube Tutorials

“Think what you can do better than others and teach them to do it like you!” It’s the motto of all YouTubers that post tutorials from different fields. If you like doing makeup, DIY crafts, and writing funny postcards, start teaching others, gaining views, and receiving money for this hobby. On average, a YouTuber gets around $18 for every 1,000 views, which means $0.018 for each. It’s not that much, but it is already a start for your YouTube channel and future monetized hobby.

13. Stand-up Comedy

Try stand-up comedy if you like to make fun of your friends or tell jokes at family events. You’ll surely find many cafes near you that organize stand-up nights with an open microphone. Depending on the visitors and the atmosphere, you could make an extra $200 for one evening. Prepare your best jokes and make your community laugh. However, a hobby that makes money needs oratory skills you could improve through an online course.

14. Lose Weight Programs

Imagine being paid for eating healthy, practicing sports, and improving your state of being. These programs are supervised by professional dietitians and nutrition experts who help you struggle with your daily cravings, lose weight, and make money. Just browse the best weight loss programs in 2023 and choose the one that fits your needs. For example, you could apply for diabetes if your glycemic level is too high or too low. Also, there are programs for thyroid health if your hormones don’t feel well. Customers are paid based on their weight loss results; in other words, the more and the healthier you lose weight, the more you’ll be paid.

15. Flying Drones

Another hobby that makes money is flying drones. They are used for family or corporate events, real estate advertisements, or video travel guides. You can buy or rent a drone and provide video services for all these purposes. Or you could just rent them and get paid per day. Earn from $25 to $100 daily with your drones.

16. Travel with Credit Card Rewards

Usually, credit card rewards offer cash back, travel miles, or points you could use for other services. The more you use your credit cards (but with set limits), the bigger your rewards are. Start gaining points or cash back for different needs like flights, hotels, or restaurants.

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17. Baking Home-Made Treats for Dogs

Do such hobbies that make money look too specific for you? Well, maybe that’s the best choice. Today, the more specific the business is, the fewer competitors you’ll have. More than that, your customers will be the easiest to satisfy. The perfect job, spotted! Start with basic recipes for dog treats and organize treat tasting with your neighborhood dogs.

18. Investing

Even if you have never understood investing, try to start with the basic information, watch video tutorials, etc. Also, we recommend you follow investing experts who provide starters tips and tricks. If all of this isn’t enough, buy an online course in investing (be it crypto, real estate, or company investing), and make money from scratch.

19. Selling Coffee Online

Did you know that people drink more than 400 billion cups of coffee annually? Coffee is our fuel for good functioning, so why not sell it online? You combine different tastes and blendings at a reasonable price. Create a personal brand, choose a fitted selling platform, and start earning money on coffee amateurs.

20. Gaming

One of the most profitable hobbies that make money is playing video games. It is a wide niche that could bring you thousands of dollars. In 2023, gamers can monetize their hobby through streaming platforms, game testing, or game creation. The last one is available for programmers who study graphics and can handle creating programs. You could earn, on average, $4,000 per month by playing video games and sitting in your room.

21. House Sitting

House sitting means you take care of anybody’s house while they are on holiday or work trips. People are paid daily or monthly, according to the formal agreement they sign before the service provides. You take care of pets and flowers or visit the house once a week to check if everything is OK. Special house-sitting platforms help you find a professional house sitter and pay them legally with all taxes included. Just choose the duration, dates, and location to find the right one.

22. Brewing Beer

Beer is just like wine; you can discover lots of tastes and flavors or create them yourself. Brewing homemade beer is the best way to surprise your family members and friends and drink a natural product without unhealthy substances used by factories. Watch some tutorials or read guides about how to brew beer at home, buy the necessary equipment, and half of the work is done. People open small breweries in their yards and start selling homemade beer in several months. You could try it too!

23. Event Planning

If you organized your sister’s wedding or a bachelor party and everybody was impressed, start to make it for money. Small events are the perfect way to begin your activity in this field. Gain proof and feedback from your friends and family members, improve your skills, and high-up your service quality with every event.

24. Being Handy for Retirees

Not all retired people have kids or grandchildren that help them with daily struggles. Some services provide help for retirees: housekeeping, gardening, or grocery shopping. Even though non-profit organizations do it for free, you could do it at a small price to make retirees feel better for your provided work.

25. Personal Shopping

A personal shopper is the person that does the shopping instead of you. Be it clothes shopping or buying groceries, you’ll be paid for a trip or per hour if it takes more than one hour. Personal shoppers make $120-$200 per hour. However, the price depends on the shopper’s reputation and the state you live in. Even if online shopping gained popularity these years, don’t underestimate the power of personal shopping.

26. Sharing Pins on Pinterest

Do you like to find inspiration on Pinterest? Why not make money while sharing pins on this platform? Become a Pinterest virtual assistant and create pins for an online business. Pinterest is gaining more popularity because the visual content is what people are searching for. As a beginner, you could earn $25 – $30 per hour, and when you become a Pinterest manager, you might reach the price of $100 per hour.

27. Driving

Your car represents “moving money.” How’s that possible? You could turn your car into cash by registering in Uber, Lyft, or DoorDash. All these apps hire you as a driver for those who don’t have a car. It is a great idea to have a part-time job and earn some extra money besides your current job.

hobbies that make money

28. Social Media Management (Influencing)

Social Media Influencing develops so quickly that virtual influencers already appeared on the market. However, the human approach will always be appreciated. Become an influencer in the niche you feel is yours, be it finance, gardening, fashion, or beauty. Create a community and provide human values in every post you write.

29. Podcasting

Do you like thinking out loud or have something important to share? Start a podcast about whatever you think could make people listen to your stories or life experience. You can make it on YouTube, streaming platforms for podcasts, or just on your website. Spotify also allows listeners to upload their podcasts and promote them in different playlists.

30. Personal Training

Sport increases your life expectancy up to 10 years or even more. What if you could make money by providing a healthy lifestyle and personal training services, online or offline, in a studio you rent near your house? Personal trainers earn, on average, $26.39 per hour. Become a personal trainer and change lives through basic exercises.

31. Online Business Assisting

Now, it is also called a virtual business assistant, a person that helps business owners with daily repetitive or one-time tasks. You can make it online with no obligation to work in the office. Due to technology, you can complete many tasks with no experience and be paid (up to $5,000 per month) while working in the comfort of your home.

32. Tourist Guide

“My town isn’t a touristic destination. How could I become a tourist guide?” A typical question comes from people who know many town stories but don’t know how to become a guide. The old town residents may provide many legends that Generation Z didn’t know. It is all about the history and your curiosity to discover it. But first, start with some courses that will help you become a professional guide.

33. Part-Time Librarian

Do you like reading and read up to four books per month? Well, be a part-time librarian if you already have a job. Bookshops need a hero that can always recommend an interesting story. Plus, on average, librarians earn $31.65 per hour, which may be higher, depending on the state.

34. Furniture Refinishing

Buy old furniture, make it new, and sell it at double the price. Easy-peasy! However, you must know how to do it well so your services won’t suffer because of negative feedback. The average cost to refinish furniture is about $500. Just research the vintage furniture market and go ahead with your hobby.

35. Farming

Start making money if you live on the ranch and adore caring for cattle or swine. You could sell their meat or milk products. Start small with your farm business; five or ten animals will be enough to open a small shop near your farm and promote it throughout your community.

How Do I Choose Profitable Hobbies that Make Money?

It can be overwhelming to choose a money-making hobby but start with the one that makes you forget about time and space. Whether it is photography or gardening, you should start with a fun hobby. But you’ll need some more time to launch your online store. However, a great hobby is worth improving your skills.

Remember, the AB testing method will help you choose your hobby that makes money besides your full-time job. We advise you to make personal lists of hobbies that could bring you extra cash and good vibes. Then do market research and find out what customers demand. Your own business is there waiting for you!

How Do I Collect Payments for My Hobby?

To make their hobbies legal, most Americans open a profitable business and sell a physical or digital product under prices that contain taxes. They also provide proof of payment or checks. Bank transactions are available at this point too. It is the first method for collecting payment you could choose.

The second implies unofficial payments like PayPal or just cash. However, you should take care; sometimes, this method may seem illegal when it comes to paying taxes to the government.

Choose a Way to Make Money from Your Hobby & Start Now

“If you turn your hobby into a job, you’ll never work.” It isn’t a motivational quote but a claim that helps you find your vocation. People stay in their hated jobs just because they need money, but how much time do they spend doing it just for a paycheck?

We hope these 35 money-making hobbies help you understand that your current job isn’t a single way to earn extra money. There is always a way to improve your hobby skills and monetize it every day.

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