70 Ways to Make Extra Money Today

70 Ways to Make Extra Money Today

Michael Lefler
by Michael Lefler
Updated: May 11, 2022

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How Can I Earn Extra Income While Working?
How to Make Money Using Your Home?
How to Make Money Using Your Car?
How to Make Money from Your Closet?
How to Make Money Using Hobbies?
10 Ways to Make Extra Money Using Your Smartphone
Build Your Business
Creative on Unusual Side Hustle

There is no doubt that having multiple streams of earnings is beneficial. It can improve most aspects of our lives. Before discovering ways to make money online or offline, you have to understand how it can be done. It might be scary at first. But when you could earn an extra $100, $200, $300 dollars, you will see how your life changes for the better.

So, do you already have some ideas or even an action plan to make extra income? Contact our customer service agent to provide you other information about financial solutions to make money online. But before that, consider these 50 money-making tips on how to boost your income streams this year!

How Can I Earn Extra Income While Working?

How to Make Money Online

The internet, and namely Social Media, age is among the best times to live. Who would have thought that you could earn money in the comfort of your home, on your smartphone or computer and travel around the world? Let’s explore some of these options.

1. Online Tutoring

Starting off the list of easy ways to make money is online tutoring. This way of making side income has everything to do with your strong areas and subjects. Numerous online tutoring organizations such as TutorMe and Tutor.com hire educators from across the world to share what they know with students on a wide variety of topics.

2. User Experience Testing

Today, most companies have a company website. All of them aim to give a flawless user experience to their customers. To enable this, organizations look for user experience testers’ services. They run tests on a company’s website and provide feedback. Suppose you have a knack for the user-friendliness of a website by running commands on it. In that case, organizations such as Analysia, UserTesting, and TryMyUI are willing to exchange your feedback for pay. This way, you can work and make earnings by providing objective reviews and improving your user experience.

3. Taking Online Surveys

A quick search through the internet for survey sites will reveal how easily you can get paid to take surveys and provide your opinion. You can take them on platforms such as Vindale Research, MyPoints, and Survey Junkie. Even if the job seems easy, it requires several extra qualifications. You often have to fill out a particular number of surveys before your money is ready for withdrawal. This work is for patient and persistent people. But if you don’t have the patience to wait or your issues need to be covered immediately, apply for a loan on our website and make money online fast and easy.

4. Teaching English Online

With an English online course, you can make money online and get an extra income with significant earnings. However, you are only teaching English and not any other subject. This way, you can start the experience with companies such as VIPKid. Even if you don’t want to be a teacher, it should not stop you from doing this work. The lessons, the grading, are all done for you. Your only job is to help people learn the material in the courses from the comfort of your home. You can make money online by assisting people. It sounds like a great win!

5. Selling Your Creative Skills

If you are a creative person, freelancer online markets such as Fiverr and Upwork can connect you with your dream customer(s). These markets are mostly sites that link creative people specializing in editing, writing, graphic design, voice-over work to customers that need those specific skills in their corner. To start the process of getting earnings, you create a profile to link to a resume. This way, potential employers can learn more about you. They get to know your experience, specialties, and rates before considering you for a project. And, if these opportunities aren’t enough for paying your bills, consider payday loans for freelancers with no down payment available on our website as your ally into getting the best financial aid and alternative earnings.

6. Become Facebook Ads Marketer

For entrepreneurs and salespersons, Facebook ads can help you make money online faster than anything else. These days, both online and offline businesses increase their sales through clients from Facebook ads. You can easily make extra money as a digital nomad if you know how to use Facebook’s business suite. If not, there are quick online courses that can teach you.

7. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is how numerous websites generate revenues without selling products, but having affiliate links. All you need is to identify a niche that your content will try to relate to certain products and start getting earnings thanks to affiliate marketing. However, it can take time and effort to bring good traffic through affiliate links to make a decent income to your bank account off the website blog.

8. Participate in Marketing Focus Group

There are so many global companies that perform interviews for focus groups that aim to get marketing results. They interview consumers from the comfort of their home and pay them for their time and efforts. This way, you can have a part-time job in these focus groups, get earnings for your answers, and be a part of marketing research.

9. Copywriting

In short, copywriting is the ability to create messages that sell. The goal of quality copywriting is to make your potential customers imagine the life they will have after they buy your product. Making a freelance writing consists of writing content that sells on websites, Social Media, Email and other online or offline platforms. You can get paid per project, words or symbols. You decide how to make money online using SEO copywriting (copywriting for search engine) and freelance writing! But don’t forget to create your portfolio with your abilities and work.

10. Translator

The translator is that professional figure who translates a written text, preferably from a foreign language into the mother tongue, rendering the meaning of the original text. He must have a skill set with in-depth knowledge of working languages and mother tongue, knowledge of general culture in various fields, but also precision and accuracy. Also, if you have foreign language abilities, become a subtitle translator and make money online every day. In subtitle translating you can be paid also for project and audio hour.

11. Become an Extreme Couponer

Extreme couponing is an action that consolidates shopping abilities with couponing trying to set aside however much cash as could be expected while aggregating the most groceries and other house products. This way, every market has coupons that allow a shopper to get groceries and other products with a significant discount. If you have from 5 to 20 coupons you can get products for free. Before beginning this hobby, do research to find out everything about available discounts and couponing.

Tip: Watch out for scams! The internet, and namely, Social Media, is one place where you can quickly lose money faster than you made it. It would help if you were extra careful, especially when giving out your bank and credit card details.

How to Make Money Using Your Home?

Earn Extra Money from Home

To make money with your house, you need to acknowledge that every free space can count for a dollar. Possibly your home needs a small reparation before turning into a source of additional income. It can be easily realized with the help of long-term installment loans no credit checks. This way, your house will bring you even more profit. Don’t waste this opportunity.

12. Adding of a Rental Suite

Do you own property and still don’t know how you could earn extra money? You can add a rental suite to your home. If there is not enough room inside, you can consider constructing an additional structure in your property or converting your garage into a suite. Afterward, you can rent the place and make easy money.

13. Renting Out Accommodation

The suite idea may not work for everyone, mainly based on legal permits. Some residential areas may not allow the implementation of the concept. If it doesn’t work for you, consider renting out your home or part of it. It is particularly ideal if you live in a desirable location. These are places near a school, a hospital, a city with a constrained rental market, or a big employer. This way, you can develop this idea by promoting the site well. Take great pictures, write nice descriptions, and put your house online. You can do it on websites such as Airbnb or Craigslist.

14. Running a Bed and Breakfast

If you have extra space and rooms to spare, you can turn your home into a Bed and Breakfast. It will also increase your rental income. The prospect of renting out the home for months or weeks can be better than renting it out monthly. To do this, be sure to have the necessary information on starting and running a successful BnB.

15. Renting Out Storage Space

You might have extra space and rooms in your home but are unwilling to become a landlord or a host. At your disposal is the option of converting the extra space into a steady income by renting it out as storage. If your unused space is big, you can offer outdoor storage services too.

16. Market Gardening

You can take advantage of one easy way to make money by market gardening from the comfort of your home. You can do this by growing fruits, flowers, and vegetables for sale. Living in an acreage gives you more possibilities for growing plants. You can sell your produce at roadside stands that are common in many places.

17. Holding Events

If your home is in an isolated place, you can easily make money by holding events. You do not necessarily need to hold grand celebrations such as music concerts and festivals. You can stick to smaller agro-tourism events, weddings, and others. To host the different proceedings that you may choose to hold, ensure to have the necessary permits!

Tip: Be Cautious! When it comes to making money online from your home or space, you need to be cautious not to get ripped off. Ensure that you conduct adequate background checks of the persons you are about to deal with so that you don’t end up working with scammers.

How to Make Money Using Your Car?

Earn money as a driver

Earning money whenever your car registers mileage seems a good use of your vehicle. Even if your car is gathering dust in your garage because you don’t have enough money to repair it, don’t get discouraged! Look around for options available for those who can’t pay for auto repairs. Choose one the most suitable for you and continue reading the pieces of advice below!

18. Offering Corporate Car Services

You don’t have to work for Uber or Lyft to offer transportation. All you need to do is establish your work and services with corporate clients that need transportation or customer pick-ups.

19. Airport Shuttle Services

You can put your car into great use that could earn you income by specializing in people’s transportation to and from airports. This option may require you to have a larger car or van, which can accommodate both luggage and several people.

20. Car Rental Services

If driving your car to make extra money is not a viable option for you, you can rent your vehicle to other people. Do it on an app such as Turo. The drivers pay you a fee for using your car, after which they return the vehicle as agreed.

21. Offering Medical Transportation Services

People with medical problems and seniors often require reliable help in the form of transportation. They need to move from one point to the other because they cannot drive. You can use your car to specialize in taking such people to and from their doctor’s appointments. You can also drive them around the city or to other places they need to go. An easily accessible vehicle, especially one with a ramp, is ideal for this option.

22. Child Pick-up Services

This best befits people with a background in childcare. They can use their cars to pick up and drop off children at school and other places. You do the transportation on behalf of children’s busy parents and guardians.

23. Equipment Transportation Services

Suppose you are physically fit to move and pick up heavy equipment. In that case, you could consider offering a specialized service for individuals and corporate customers that need to have supplies delivered somewhere. To run this ocupation, you need a large car that can accommodate equipment and crew members. If the vehicle you use for making the delivery needs some fixing, a loan for DoorDash drivers is the perfect solution. This way you can continue earning the money and do your job conscientiously every day.

24. Mobile Advertising Services

You can use your car to offer mobile advertising services for businesses. You can accomplish this by wrapping your car with advertising messages or adding signage to the top of the vehicle. Then, you lease it out to companies in your locality.

25. Offering Moving Services

If you have a large vehicle, you could get into the business of offering full-scale moving services to individuals, families, and brands. You could use your car to help your customers move furniture and other items from their old place to a new space.

26. Offering Vacation RV Rental Services

If you happen to own an RV, you can make extra income by renting it out to people looking to take a vacation. Even if your RV is not mobile or you do not want other people to drive it around, you can still rent it out as an Airbnb space.

27. Offering Errand Services

If you have a car and some free time on your hands, you can become a general errand service provider. You will perform tasks such as dry-cleaning pick-up, grocery shopping, and others. You can sign up on apps such as TaskRabbit to easily connect with potential clients.

How to Make Money from Your Closet?

Sell stuff to obtain some extra money

Clear out your closet space, get rid of the items that you no longer need, and at the same time make money!

28. Sell your Used Clothes on an App or a Website

There are numerous apps and websites such as Poshmark that you can use to post and sell your used clothes to make that much-needed extra coin.

29. Sell your Used Clothes Locally via eBay, Craigslist, or through a Garage Sale.

These are just some options that give you full control over the pricing of your clothes and deliveries on an eCommerce website. While these options require you to run the sales personally, you can haggle prices and get someone willing to buy all of what you have and maybe ask for more.

30. Selling Clothes Back to Stores for Resale

Places such as Uptown Cheapskate, Clothes Mentor, or Plato’s Closet are but some physical stores that can accept all of the clothes. They buy and resell them at their stores. Of course, these places have strict requirements, including the condition of the clothes.

31. Hosting a Swap Event

You can rally up with your friends who also want to sell stuff out of their closets and swap your items and, at the same time, sell some.

32. Donation for Tax Write-Offs

This is the easiest way of making or saving money from your closet by donating clothes, helping others, and being awarded a donation receipt.

33. Try Running an Ironing Company

Unlike the points mentioned above, you will not have to change your closet but work with other people’s wardrobes. We believe that you know a handful of people who hate ironing, which is a good reason for you to turn this into something profitable for yourself. To attract more clients, try placing advertisements on social media, local dailies, or posting using small leaflets placed on doors and windows.

How to Make Money Using Hobbies?

Make Extra dollars as a dogsitter

Use your passions and hobbies as ways to make extra money:

34. Watching Movie Previews and Videos

Brands such as InboxDollars will pay you for watching movie previews, the latest news, celebrity videos, and other media materials. Sign up and watch movie previews from a specific playlist and get paid from the comfort of your home.

35. Get Paid for Playing Games on your Phone

Mistplay, a free Android App, will reward you with points for playing popular games such as Yahtzee, Words With Friends 2, Star Wars, Clash Royale, among others. The points earned can be converted into real money or Amazon gift cards.

36. Dog Sitting

If you like pets and want an extra income, many dog owners are willing to pay you top dollar to take good care of their dog. You might have to walk it in the morning and evening, take it to appointments, and take care of it while the owners are gone on vacation. Among other ways to get extra earnings, this is the most stress relieving hustle for those who like dogs.

37. Flying Drones

If you are passionate about drone technology, there is an opportunity for you to make some extra cash. You will have to fly drones and capture stellar images and videos for real estate, stock photography sites, and construction companies.

38. Fitness

If you are a fitness enthusiast and want extra earnings, you can become a personal trainer and help people achieve their fitness goals at a fee. You can post training videos, write about fitness, or personally give advice. These are the ways you may obtain earning from the love you have for physical activity!

39. Shopping

You can make some extra income by going grocery shopping and running other shopping errands for people at a fee. You can help them cut grocery bills by 90 percent if you go to discount stores and earn a lot of bonuses as a shopper.

40. Taking Pictures

Your knack for capturing day-to-day breathtaking moments could bag you an extra income. All you need are your camera and talent. Reach out to people to let them know about your service if they need professional photos taken at their events. Thys, you’ll make earnings and get money for your hobby.

41. Become a Tour Guide

You could earn extra money by offering a personalized tour of your town or city to tourists at a fee. Also, you may travel and get the unforgettable experience. Bonus points for those knowing many languages!

42. Fashion

Turn your love for fashion and dressing into earnings by becoming a personal stylist of people and showing them how to dress their bodies and how to dress for different proceedings.

43. Run Eco-Tours Eco-tours with your Boat

Boat tours are becoming increasingly popular, with plenty of vacationers wanting to sample the nautical side of nature around them. If you have a boat, you may find it profitable, taking your visitors deep into the sea.

44. Run Charters

If you have a captain’s license or want to get one, people are willing to experience the thrill of deep-sea excursions. If you don’t want to make tours, no problems! Rent the boat, and you will realize that this is one of the easy ways to make money!

45. Get Paid to Watch Television

You can easily make money by just watching TV. TV companies and broadcasters are fond of asking questions and opinions regarding their services or any other program. Participants are paid handsomely. Bonus: This way to make money will help you be more selective on consuming TV content.

46. Try Being a Secret Agent

Lately, brands pay some good money to have information, especially about their competitors collected for them. With the need to stay relevant, some firms pay some good cash to their workers to beat the competition.

47. Sell Photos to News Outlets

If you are in the right place for a breaking news event and you happen to get a photo or a video, then you can sell it to a website or a newspaper. Among other ways of getting earnings, it is also stress relieving once you do what you like.

48. Troubleshoot Cell-Phone Problems

If you are conversant with matters of technology, you can easily make money troubleshooting basic phone issues for consumers who do not know the basics of technology and simple phone apps. Try fixing your grandpa’s iPad for a start.

49. Earn Some Cash on Music Reviews

Do you know that you can earn some cash by listening to music? All that you have to do is to leave honest reviews after listening to a song. Many listeners have made money before while listening to music.

50. Try Babysitting

Babysitting is another easy way of making some extra cash and getting earnings that you can use on a rainy day. Many babysitters find out about babysitting work from family and friends and easily earn a reputation through referrals.

51. Do Some Chores for Other People

You like planning, cleaning, and you are an overall perfectionist?. If you have some free time, you can sign up with sites that allow other willing clients to find and pay for your services. You can use the earned money to pay back your bad credit loan, which gives you a good chance to improve your credit being repaid in time.

10 Ways to Make Extra Money Using Your Smartphone

Ways to Make Extra Money Using Phone

52. Start a Blog

Do you enjoy writing and developing human connections over and beyond geographical boundaries? Then you may start a blog, live your life and travel where you want. If you decide to become a blogger, you should be aware of the reality that it can be tough to start. But at the same time, it is an exciting career. Don’t start a blog, expecting to make money from the start. Instead, focus on creating relevant content for your audience and be consistent with it as a blogger.

53. Become a Virtual Assistant

Becoming a virtual assistant can earn you extra money. Virtual assistants can offer a wide range of services, including blog editing, graphic design, responding to emails, and more. 1FirstCashAdvance experts are offering assistance and helping clients to obtain online loans. Native Americans are welcomed to apply for guaranteed tribal loans online too. On our website, you will find detailed information for each stage of this process. You can research all steps, from deciding to take a loan, filling out the application form, and the ways of paying it off.

54. Managing Social Media for Businesses

It is similar to virtual assisting, except here, you only manage organizations’ social media accounts. If you choose this career, you will be advertising on social media, posting content, and responding to messages. Also, you can start a blog for your business client on Social Media.

55. Plan Online Events

The pandemic taught us that online platforms are the best solution to attend an event without risking your health. That is why you can become an online event planner. Among his responsibilities are: punctuality, attention to detail, enthusiasm and technical skills in online streaming platforms. You can be paid per event, hours or commissions.

56. Become an Influencer on Instagram or Tik Tok

Influencers are people who appear in the media and mostly reach online fans. You could say that youtubers make the most of the benefits of the profession, but each branch has at least one representative.

It is important to emphasize that communication does not necessarily have to be online. Connoisseurs of influence who create content on Instagram or Tik Tok or those who write professional books can certainly be treated as influencers with their own blog. So, begin to monetise your Instagram or TikTok profile and make money online.

57. Start a YouTube Channel or a Video Blog

75% of consumers rely on video content when searching for something on the Internet and Social Media. One can start with making informational or funny content on a YouTube blog. Plus, the monetising of YouTube Channel will bring you to the next level of your part-time job and provide you a new motivation in your content creating career. But remember: Tell a story – any video, whether it’s a sketch or a tutorial blog for installing an operating system, must tell a story. You need a beginning, a means and a conclusion for your every video blog.

58. Write Reviews for Money

Most brands provide free samples for consumers who want to make money. Usually, a brand provides free products plus extra money for receiving reviews on different websites. This job requires only several hours per day and some creative abilities to write a really useful review.

Build Your Business

Build Your Business

The mere fact that you have found a brilliant idea and that you want to be successful is not enough to set up a sustainable business. In fact, statistics show that an overwhelming percentage of start-ups go bankrupt in the first year of operation. But an entrepreneur can succeed if he has a plan and a strategy to support your idea.

Once you make the decision to open your business, you will have to invest extremely much time and energy in its development, so it is very important that you like what you do and that you can find satisfaction in the activity you carry out.

Given that you cannot live long without money and that your new business will not become profitable from the beginning, it is preferable to start a business while you still have a job and a stable source of extra income. This will give business owners a form of comfort and help you focus on vital aspects of business development and not just on securing money for your own survival. Once the business starts to become profitable and take up more and more time, you can resign.

But before making a sustainable plan as an entrepreneur, let’s see our list of ideas that may work if you have enough tenacity. Review every idea and assess what can help you to make money.

59. Start a Food Truck

To begin a food truck business, you need a cutthroat and engaging idea, a feasible business and monetary arrangement, a completely prepared food truck, and a strong promoting procedure to construct your client base. A fruitful food truck can get more than $500,000 each year, with startup costs beginning at $40,000.

Some food trucks still just acknowledge cash, however they could be missing out on deals. One never conveys cash, so getting Visas is an essential advance in developing your food truck business. It may be an extra income for you and your family beside your full day job.

60. Become a Photographer & Sell Your Photo

Do you have a passion for photography? Why not try to turn your passion into a profitable business? It will be a good way to earn money. This is due to the easy access to cameras and editing software tools, but also to online sharing on Social Media or a blog.

But is all this enough to become a professional photographer? Of course not. You will still need some smart tips. So check out your possibilities to take your passion for photography from amateur to professional and have a side income.

61. Create a Smartphone App

The first step on your path to a profitable application is a great idea. Start by thinking about what kind of application you would like. There is a chance that many people will need exactly this type of application. For example, you might consider the area where you live. If you live in a city that attracts tourists, the possibilities are endless.

You can also consider your personal interests. Maybe you are a coffee lover and you have discovered some very good places from all over the world. If so, why not turn your knowledge into a guide app to help other coffee enthusiasts? You can earn money by selling your services or creating smartphone apps for you or your clients.

62. Real Estate Investing

At the moment, the real estate market of the US has many opportunities for those who want an extra income. Unlike other countries, our construction companies are not yet giants and do not have large reserve capital. Sometimes, construction companies face a lack of liquidity, which can often serve as a profit opportunity for ordinary citizens who invest for years in some or other construction companies. From another point of view, this lack of liquidity has a dose of risk for real estate investors. That is why, investing in this business is a good way to make money in the long term.

63. Sell Handmade Items

One of the businesses for which you do not need a substantial initial investment is making handmade products. Admittedly, in order to be able to launch into such a field, it is good to have some practical spirit and imagination, but both can be cultivated and worked on over time. Also, you can provide Amazon gift cards for loyal clients. It will help you earn money on Social Media and e-Commerce websites like Amazon or Etsy or even on your blog. Plus, we recommend you learn how to sell handmade products online and offline for an extra income, as well as the secrets behind a successful business and you’ll make money for your financial needs.

64. Create an Online Course

If you have ever thought about creating online courses from which to earn money, but maybe you did not know how to start, now is the perfect moment to do it. One can teach students IT skills, entrepreneurship, fitness, wellness, paint skills, etc. Your talent may become a business in no time and help you make money online with those who want it too. Feel free to also provide Amazon gift cards for your online course and teach it to whoever is interested.

Creative on Unusual Side Hustle

Unusual Side Hustle

There are a lot of interesting jobs in the world that bring people both satisfaction and an extra income stream. What do you say to become inspired by other nationalities and start making money from a very special activity such as a Panda hugger or friend for rent? Discover the most creative or unusual side hustle in 2021.

65. Friend for Rent

In Japan, people suffering from loneliness can hire friends and relatives. The price is not low at all, but the idea is growing. We live in an age where we have hundreds and even thousands of friends on social networks. It is not valid in the Land of the Rising Sun, where more and more elderly people know the term isolation. You can bring this activity in the US where there are many retired people or single teenagers craving to have a friend. One can charge per hour, week or a date.

66. Voice-over in Amusement Park

If you have oratory skills, love amusement parks and want a side hustle, try voice-over in these locations. You will present activities for children, play machines and you will call the children to discover the new entertainments.

67. Panda Hugger

Your job has only one mission. Spend 365 days in the company of pandas and be with them for better or worse. You need perseverance for this job for which you’ll be paid the equivalent of $ 32,000. It will be the most pleasant side hustle for you!

68. Spa Salon for Pets

Spa procedures are preferred not only by humans but also by animals. In several US salons, they have royal pampering: the specialists make their hairstyles, then go to the manicure or invite them to relax in a bathtub with a lot of foam. Thus, the owners prepare their quadrupeds for the spring season. You can follow this business model and open a Spa Salon in your town. But first research the target audience to assess the demand of these services.

69. Bed Tester

Imagine a side gig that brings your earnings for sleeping. Looks like a perfect hustle. Become a bed tester and you won’t cry about insomnia or other sleeping diseases. Most brands that produce mattresses hire volunteers to test their products and give objective reviews. Probably it is the most pleasant way to earn money and make a career on it.

70. Food experts and part-time witnesses in the trials

Yes, in America there is even a special witness profession in food cases. If an expert is needed in court to explain the situation regarding the quality and taste of the product or dish, he will be chosen from a list of professionals in this field. An appetizing service!


Cha-Ching! Making money requires a smart mind, and the discussed ways to make money will help you stack some coins up. By making a little extra side hustle cash, you gain more financial freedom, inch closer to living life on your terms, and improving your financial security. If you have some unclarity, drop a line to our customer service agent and find out more about ways of making money online.

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At the same time, his ability to identify the main points of various aspects and intention to significantly contribute makes him a great team member and a valuable part of 1FirstCashAdvance.