Payday loans in Idaho
Payday loans in Idaho

Online Payday Loans in Idaho

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Payday Loans for Idaho Residents

Today, Idaho consumers can apply for payday loans online from direct lenders. No hard credit checks are performed when you apply on our website. At 1F Cash Advance, you can count on immediate approval to get the best payday loan in Idaho within a day. Use the funds to cover any financial emergencies or unexpected bills. The repayment is due by your next payday!

The legal status of payday loans in Idaho is subject to Idaho Code §§ 28-46-401 et seq. According to the Code, payday loans in Idaho are legal but come with several limitations. Borrowers can get up to 25% of their monthly gross income or up to $1,000, whichever is less. There are no limitations on the number of simultaneous loans, but their total amount shouldn’t exceed $1,000. No more than three loan renewals are allowed.

With 1F Cash Advance, you get fast loan decisions from approved direct lenders in Idaho. We welcome candidates with no or bad credit. Customers with alternative sources of income can also submit requests.

Idaho residents can apply anytime, free of charge, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you live in Idaho and need cash ASAP, our services help you connect with hundreds of direct lenders. 1F Cash Advance is your ally in getting fair interest rates on payday loans.

Why Consider a Payday Loan?

Anyone can get into financial trouble when you need urgent cash ASAP. As a result, you start looking for instant approval or no credit check loans near you. Although Idaho payday loans can differ from Georgia payday loans, there are some common reasons why people use them in any state. Typically, borrowers consider short-term loans in these situations:

Family events. Being around family during vacations and events is essential to your emotional well-being. Small loans are a quick financing option that will help please your loved ones.

Medical expenses. Medical emergencies call for immediate action. You may need medication, hospitalization, or medical intervention. With a short-term loan, you can get your cash advance the next business day or even the same day.

Daily expenses. Spending isn’t always predictable, whether it’s groceries or utilities. Sometimes your electricity bill exceeds your expected costs, and you may find yourself saying, “I need money desperately!”

Repair works. Your home and car require occasional maintenance investments: leaky pipes, faulty wiring, broken home refrigerator. If you have to get your car repaired to get to work, that only adds to the urgency.

Interest Rates and Fees for Idaho Payday Loans

The borrowers are allowed to get payday loans (up to $1,000). Higher amounts are available if they apply for installment loans ($1,000 – $5,000) and personal loans ($5,000 – $35,000). The legal status of payday loans is proved by the Idaho Credit Code.

Payday lenders usually set flat fees and don’t express their loan costs in an APR (annual percentage rate) due to their short terms. The average payday loan fee is $20 for each $100 borrowed, which amounts to a 521% (APR). However, Idaho payday lenders may set an APR as high as 652%.

Example APR and Fee Schedule

Idaho loans till payday have one of the highest APRs in the country. It can be as high as 652%. The APR of 521% (which is a $200 extra fee for each $100 obtained) is considered average.

See the table below with representative examples for the 14-day term. It is only for illustrative purposes and provides an example of a typical payday loan to qualified applicants. If you are approved, the specific rates and terms of your loan agreement will depend on your qualifications.

Amount Borrowed Fees APR Amount Due
$300 $75 652% $375
$500 $125 652% $625
$700 $140 521% $840
$1,000 $200 521% $1,200

What Are the Alternatives for Fast Payday Loans?

Besides payday loans, our loan partners offer alternative borrowing options. When you need extra cash to cover unforeseen expenses, consider Idaho installment loans. The minimum amount for them is $1,000, but the maximum amount is $5,000.

Lenders can set up monthly payments for two months and 24 months. The lowest APR is 5.35%, but Idaho law does not state the highest value. You can use these cash advance loans with monthly payments to cover more considerable expenses like home improvements, medical bills, and more.

Also, Idaho residents can access bad credit personal loans. Their amounts range between $5,000 and $35,000, and the repayment terms can be up to 60 months.

Consider Idaho Installment Loans

An installment loan allows you to get a lump sum deposit and repay the funds in a few months. Compared to payday loans, installment loans allow longer terms and higher amounts.

Amount to Borrow. Idaho residents can get up to $5,000. Some credit services have lower limits. The reimbursement amount (principal amount plus costs) may not exceed 25% of your total monthly income or $1,000, whichever is less. Popular options include $1,300, $1,500, $1,900, and $2,000.

Repayment Terms. The loan must be repaid within 2 to 24 months. Depending on the type of income, you can pay it out every two weeks or monthly.

Fees & Other Charges. The lender calculates the loan fee based on the range of the amounts, the exact term of the loan and your income data.

Payday Loan Requirements

To qualify for a payday loan in Idaho, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must be at least 18 years old and show a valid ID to prove it;
  • You must have a stable source of income. It is recommended to work at least three months before applying for a loan. In addition, some lenders require a minimum monthly salary of $1,000;
  • You must have an active bank account;
  • You must provide accurate contact information (home address, phone number, email address);
  • You must be a US citizen or permanent resident.

If you have a stable job and can apply for a payday loan from a direct lender, you’re more likely to be approved. But unemployed people with regular income are also eligible. For example, a disabled person receiving social welfare or single parents who do not have a job but have alimony can try to apply for a loan.

Get a payday loan in Idaho

Applying Steps for Online Payday Loans from Direct Lenders in Idaho

Anyone can easily apply for small payday loans online with 1F Cash Advance. Just follow the three simple steps:

  1. Submit your loan application. Fill in the details. There is no fax involved. You don’t have to look for shops that are open on weekends. Apply online when it suits you.
  2. Get approval. Once your information is submitted, we will share it with trusted direct lenders that are licensed and authorized to operate in the state. If the answer is positive, the lender will send you an offer by email.
  3. Receive your money within one business day. Direct lenders understand that most of their customers need money quickly. On average, they deposit the money the next business day.

It’s that simple! The whole process is just as simple as applying for a payday loan in Virginia. Complete your loan application now if you are struggling with a financial emergency. Please note that a payday loan doesn’t suit clients looking to achieve their long-term financial goals.

No Credit Check Payday Cash Advances in ID

Most lending companies in Idaho do not perform rigorous credit checks on borrowers through the three major credit bureaus. The alternatives they use are called “flexible credit checks” because of their simplicity. Direct lenders only assess repayment risk through a small examination of the credit report. So if your credit score isn’t perfect, don’t worry. With a high acceptance rate, you will get a loan approval decision within minutes without a hard credit pull.

Finding Payday Loans Near Me

Our convenient locations across the United States are open to anyone in financial difficulty. Not in Idaho? No problem. Try our stores in Iowa, Illinois, Colorado, Wisconsin, California, New Jersey. We help you with all the loan procedures and provide you with the best loan experience possible. Contact us for more information about short-term loans in your state.

You can also apply online from anywhere and enjoy our simple process from the comfort of your home. Online loans can be a great solution if you don’t have a store nearby and need money quickly.

In-store Services in Idaho

Do you decide upon getting a loan offline? You`re in luck. Our department supervisor will help you together along with your loan utility at our in-save location. You get all of the assistance you want from an actual individual in actual time. For your convenience, we’ve enabled the opportunity to make a loan request through email or phone. Your economic emergency is our priority. Our in-store services include:

  • Payday Loans
  • Installment Loans
  • Check Cashing

1348 S Orchard St, Boise, ID 83705
[email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

Licensed direct lenders are your partners?

We only work with a network of reliable and licensed direct lenders operating following Idaho credit legislation. Don't hesitate to ask for all the information you need about our credit partners.

In what cities of ID are payday loans available for consumers?

All cities in Idaho have short-term loans available to consumers. But the most popular towns are Canyon, Bonneville, Kootenai, and Ada. If you are a resident of these cities, do not hesitate to apply for short-term loans online.

Can I get a same-day Idaho payday loan?

Yes, but take care of the application time. If you apply in the morning, the lender will transfer the money to your bank account by the end of the day. However, if you apply for a loan in the afternoon, the lender will pay it off the next business day. Also, be sure to get the loan approved the same day.

Instant approval for payday loans - How to get it?

You might get an instant approval decision from our direct lenders. Unfortunately, most lending companies can’t guarantee instant approval. However, the approval rate is high. A lender will send you a guaranteed decision, so your loan request won’t be ignored.

Does your company have a license?

1F Cash Advance Financial Help, LLC is a licensed connecting company that works under federal laws set by the US government. We are licensed by the Department of Financial Protection and Innovation. Borrowers can request licensing information anytime.

I want no credit check loans. How can I get one?

Our lending partners don’t perform hard credit checks. They just assess the repayment risk by reviewing your current financial situation. These checks won’t affect your credit score at all.

Why do I have so many denials for payday loans?

Many reasons may keep you from loan approval. One of these reasons is that you don’t meet all the requirements set by direct lenders. Also, your bad credit score might be a reason for lenders’ denial. To avoid these unpleasant situations, apply on our website. As there is a high approval rate, you might get approved today for a payday loan.

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