I Need Money Desperately: Ways to Get Emergency Cash Now

I Need Money Desperately: Ways to Get Emergency Cash Now


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Get needed money today by applying for emergency loan

If you’re looking for practical ways to get quick cash, keep reading. Whether you need to cover an unexpected expense, such as car repair or medical costs, pay bills, or avoid missed payments on your high-interest credit card, we know how to help you ASAP! Below are 10 smart ways to receive extra money right this second!

I Desperately Need Money. What Should I Do?

Need money fast? Here are steps you can take to get it urgently.

1. Consider Freelancing

You can sell your skills online through various freelance platforms, such as Upwork or Fiverr. Think about the things you’re good at. Maybe you have writing or editing skills? Or maybe you’re good at social media marketing or development? You can do your regular job for multiple clients and earn cash online when you have free time. Although your earnings may be trifling at first, you can get high-paid jobs after you receive some positive feedback.

2. Rent Out Your Free Space

This option has several variations. First, you can share your house or apartment with someone and save money on your rent by dividing its cost equally between you and your roommate. Additionally, you can rent free space to let people store some stuff there. Finally, you can rent your yard to let other people’s dogs run and play there.

3. Use Your Car to Earn Extra Cash

First, you can become a food delivery man or an Uber driver. Both these jobs allow you to create your own schedule and work when it’s convenient for you. Also, you can rent your car when you don’t use it or get paid for advertising on your car. Websites like Wrapify and Carvertise provide such services for car owners who need emergency cash.

4. Become a Pet Sitter

Pet sitting is a great option to make extra cash for those who love pets and easily get along with them. Pet sitters take care of dogs, cats, and other four-legged family members while their owners are away. Pet sitting comes in various forms. It may be dog walking, dog boarding, or full-time pet care at the owner’s place.

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5. Sell Your Old and Unused Items

Need money desperately? You’re probably surrounded by it! Look around and find items that you don’t need. It may be anything, from clothes to old appliances, devices, books, or even DVDs. List these items for sale on your social media or sell them through websites and online services like eBay or Facebook Marketplace.

6. Become a Tutor

You can earn extra money in a few hours by teaching people things you know. You can teach children various subjects or even help foreigners practice English. Just sign up on platforms like TutorMe or Tutor.com to get started.

7. Ask Your Employer About Payday Advance

If you’re looking for extra cash, consider taking the amount you need from your next paycheck. Many employers can put themself in your place and give you a cash advance in a matter of minutes. Although it can be a great option for those who need money now, you need to keep in mind that the sum you receive will be deducted from your next salary.

8. Get Paid for Taking Surveys

Many companies conduct market research to keep track of customer satisfaction and improve their products and services. You can earn cash from your couch just in a few minutes by answering questions or taking simple actions. You can typically get up to $5 per survey. Although it’s not a high amount, it’s still extra cash you can get from thin air.

9. Offer a Cleaning Service for Money

If you’re in desperate need of money, you can get paid to clean houses and apartments. This service is always in demand. You can receive positive feedback by offering your service to friends or family. Then, you will be able to charge other people for cleaning.

10. Borrow Money Online

Traditional loans typically take more time to get, plus you may not be a credit union member. But your options are not limited to personal loans offered by banks and credit unions. Many innovative lenders offer emergency payday loans that can reach your checking account within one business day.

More than that, online loan providers can easily help you even if your credit background is far from ideal. If you have a bad credit score, you can consider payday loans online, no credit check installment loans, and some forms of secured loans, provided that you own some valuable assets to use as collateral.

11. Donate Plasma

Plasma donation can help you get additional $20 to $100 per a single donation. It’s allowed to donate plasma twice a week if the interval between sessions is 48 hours or more.

Although plasma donation is considered safe and goes without consequences for most donors, there are some contraindications, such as chronic high blood pressure, epilepsy, HIV/AIDS, or a primary immunodeficiency.

Also, keep in mind that long-term and frequent donation can result in anemia from incidental loss of red cells during donation. Before donating, consult with a specialist so as not to harm yourself.

12. Sell or Exchange Your Unused Gift Cards

Websites like CardCash.com can help you make the most from unneeded gift cards. You can get up to 92% of its value by selling it to other individuals who are interested in services it covers.

More than that, the money can arrive to you via PayPal or ACH deposit within 2 business days. You can even sell partially used gift-cards here. A buyer can send a check in your email, so you can be sure everything is fine.

Bottom Line

If you need emergency cash, there are always ways to get it. Besides same day payday loans, you can consider other options that will help you earn extra cash without going into debt. You can earn money by using your car, rent free space, find a side gig, or even take care of pets while their owners are away. Above are some options that will help you keep the right direction. Choose the one that you find suitable.

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Edward Evans

Written by Edward Evans

Written by Edward Evans

Edward Evans is a money management expert and a freelance author of personal finance columns. He aims to provide accessible financial advice to improve financial literacy for average Americans and inspire them to take control of their personal finances and build wealth.

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