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Utah payday loans

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Utah No Credit Check Payday Loans Near Me

Utah residents can apply for payday loans without worrying about officially-capped maximum loan amounts. If you live in Utah and you’re facing financial emergencies, consider a short-term loan. Cash advances are easy to get regardless of your credit score. Anyone is welcome to apply and find out if they qualify.

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How Utah Payday Loans Work

Utah state authorities allow their residents to apply for payday loans. The legal status of cash advances allows citizens to get emergency cash loans when facing financial difficulties. A typical payday loan has a term of 30 days max. However, Utah regulators extended this term to 70 days, the equivalent of 10 weeks.

Utah residents may apply for a loan online or in-store. Once they submit an application, the lender starts examining it in determining their qualification. The whole process usually takes up to 15 minutes. A direct lender will send the applicant a loan offer detailing all the terms and conditions if everything goes well. It is up to the applicants to decide whether they would like to proceed with the loan or seek other opportunities. After an applicant signs the loan agreement, their direct lender deposits the funds into their banking account. From that point on, a borrower from Utah has up to 70 days to repay their debt.

Utah residents opt for payday loans because they are convenient, fast, and come at reasonable rates. Customers can apply and receive fast feedback, which is essential when they need money urgently. The flexible amounts of a payday loan are why so many people prefer them to other financial solutions. There are times when a couple of hundred dollars can solve an unexpected problem, and few loan providers offer small-dollar amounts as fast as direct lenders do.

Cash Advances and Payday Installment Loans

Direct lenders operate with two types of loans: cash advances and payday installment loans. Getting a cash advance payday loan is the easiest, fastest solution for dealing with minor financial emergencies. There are different lending restrictions depending on your state of residence; however, you can typically borrow up to $1,000 in most states, even more on the territory of Utah. If you apply early on during a business day, you should have the money deposited into your account within 24 hours. You then have to pay off the loan according to the terms in your contract.

An installment loan from direct lenders lets you apply for a sum of up to $5,000. The amount of time it takes to get the money depends on your qualification criteria, as well as your bank and the lender’s procedures. Same-day deposits are possible but not guaranteed. Some borrowers even state that they received their money within one hour. Payment terms are different for this loan type. Borrowers pay off their debt in fixed monthly installments, according to a payment plan. For many clients, spreading the payments across several months is a convenient option to plan and use the money for more significant financial projects.

Why Get the Payday Loan in Utah

There are many reasons why residents choose to apply for payday loans. When facing a financial emergency, many people look for the fastest way to get the money they need. If you add a less-than-perfect credit score to that, the list of options is short. Direct lenders process loan applications very fast and welcome all types of credit. That is their main advantage compared to other financial institutions. Most clients choose to go for a payday cash advance for one of the reasons below.

  • Being rejected by another loan provider. Banks and credit unions have more complex application processes that are more time-consuming. Traditional financial institutions rely on a person’s credit score to determine their eligibility.
  • Struggling with daily expenses. If paying for your rent, utilities, groceries, and other prime necessity goods is a challenge at a point, payday loans can work as a quick fix. However, if the situation continues over a longer time span, it is a good idea to consult a financial advisor.
  • Paying medical bills. Anyone can get a medical emergency followed by a hefty bill. To pay it off as fast as possible, many Utah residents apply for short-term payday loans. It’s reasonable to invest in one’s health.
  • Paying for emergency repair services. If your car breaks down in the middle of the week and you rely on it to go to work or pick up your kids from school, it makes sense to take a quick loan and fix it as soon as you can. The same is valid for a leaking pipe in your house, resulting in more collateral costs if you don’t fix it fast.

Online Emergency Loans Interest Rates and Fees

As a resident of Utah, you can borrow from direct lenders for a maximum loan term of 70 days or ten weeks. State regulations are relatively lenient, allowing extensions, not setting a limit to the outstanding loans one person may have at one time, and not imposing any cooling-off periods. While Alabama payday loans have terms ranging between 10 and 31 days, the minimum loan terms and maximum amounts of Utah cash advances are at the discretion of direct lenders.

The APR or annual percentage rate on a payday loan on the territory of Utah can be as high as 650%. The functioning of Utah payday lending is regulated under Utah Code Ann. 7-23-101 et seq. State authorities forbid all criminal actions against the Utah borrowers. A lender reserves the right to disclose your payment history to credit reporting agencies in case it is necessary. If you don’t have enough resources in your bank account on the due date, the lender is allowed to charge you a maximum fee of $20 for insufficient funds. As a borrower, you can submit $5 payments before your due date without risking penalties.

Payday Loans Fees Example

Loan Principal Fee Total Amount to Repay Term (days) APR
$100 $15 $115 30 182.50%
$200 $15 $230 30 182.50%
$250 $15 $288 50 109.50%
$500 $15 $575 50 109.50%
$850 $20 $1,020 70 146.00%
$1,000 $20 $1,200 70 146.00%

Please note that the data in the table above only serves an informative purpose. The offer you receive from a direct payday firm will differ depending on your data and their requirements, as well as the updated state regulations under Utah law. Extra fees may apply. If you are located in a different state, you will need to factor in the state regulations. For instance, online payday loans in Oregon allow for loans of up to $50,000. Consequently, the maximum loan term is extended to 60 days.

What You Need to Qualify for a Utah payday Loan

To apply for a Payday Cash Advance on the territory of Utah; you must meet a set of standard requirements

  • I’ll be at least 18 years old;
  • Have US citizenship or hold a permanent resident status;
  • Have an active bank account under your name (checking account);
  • I have a steady source of income either from a job or any other verifiable source;
  • Share your contact details for communication purposes (a valid email address and an active phone number).

Be aware that your payday lender may ask for additional information or personally verify specific details. For example, they may contact your boss to confirm your employment status. They may also need your recent pay stubs to make sure you earn enough money to afford a loan. It’s essential for you to provide truthful information.

Although most lenders will require you to be officially employed for the past three months before approving your loan request, unemployed residents of Utah also have a chance to receive a positive response. As long as they can prove that they have a recurring, verifiable source of income, single moms on alimony, disabled people on benefits, individuals who receive funds regularly from investment projects may all receive approval.

We Provide Payday Loans in the Following Cities in Utah

The easiest way to get in contact with a direct payday lender is via our website. Alternatively, feel free to visit our in-store locations in Cache, Emery, Carbon, Washington, Weber, Davis, Tooele, Box Elder, Iron, Summit, Sanpete, Wasatch, Juab, Millard, or Emery. Our network of reliable lenders is ready to promptly assist you in finding the right loan.

Application Process for Utah Short-term Loans

Applying for a payday loan through 1F Cash Advance is fast and easy. You only need to follow four simple steps to receive your emergency cash;

  1. Fill out the application form on your platform;
  2. Get an offer if you qualify;
  3. Sign the agreement;
  4. Receive your funds.

The process is quick because direct lenders don’t typically perform a hard credit check or have lengthy lists of requirements. They usually go for alternative soft credit check options and cater to their customers’ urgent needs.

And we recommend you practice responsible borrowing and pay off your loan according to your agreement to avoid penalties and other consequences. If you often encounter financial challenges, we advise you to speak with a professional advisor.

Why Choose 1F Cash Advance?

Choosing us to apply for a payday cash advance in Utah will benefit you due to our unique advantages:

Easy application. Our process is safe and straightforward. You will not spend more than a few minutes on your loan request.

Paperless process. If you decide to apply online, you don’t need to use a fax machine or gather tons of papers. Direct lenders accept e-documents and e-signatures for a 100% online application.

Fast loan decisions. Our internal reports have revealed that a professional lender only needs 10 minutes to make a loan decision.

Fair rates. We work with top professionals in the industry who offer their customers fair, competitive rates.

Convenient repayment terms. Our partners are highly interested in setting reasonable repayment terms so that you can pay off your debt according to your loan agreement.

Online safety. We protect the data you submit via our website and do not share it with unaffiliated third parties. As an effect, there will be no phone calls that are not pertinent to your loan application or that are made for marketing purposes.

1F Cash Advance Payday Loans Store Location in Utah

Branch name: 1F Cash Advance Utah

Address: 3523 S 4800 W, West Valley City, UT 84120

Email: [email protected]

Branch Manager: Roberta Smith

Monday – Friday: 8:00 am to 10:00 pm
Saturday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
Sunday: Closed


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A cash advance is a fast, simple alternative for purchase when you need money right away. With just a few minutes of your time online or in-store, we can get you what you need to pay rent or buy groceries. Borrow $100, $200, $300, $400, $500, $600, $700, $800, $900, $1,000.

Utah Installment Loan

If you need a larger amount than cash advances can provide, apply for an installment loan. Choose the amount you need from $1,000 to $5,000. Apply at one of our branches or online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a license to do business in Utah?

1F Cash Advance works exclusively with direct lenders who own a license to operate in the state of Utah. We handpick our trusted partners and trust their professionalism

Can I pay my loan early?

Early payoffs of $5 are available to Utah borrowers without risking penalties. For more details, consult your direct lender or read your loan agreement.

Is my payday loan confidential?

We guarantee the confidentiality of the data you submit via our platform according to our Privacy Terms and Conditions.

Can I pick up my loan at one of your stores in Utah?

If you apply at one of our branches in Utah, you may receive the money in-store. Please get in touch with the branch manager at the nearest office in your area for more information.

How fast can I get my Utah cash loans?

Borrowers from Utah typically receive their small loans online within one business day. Same-day loans or one-hour loans are also possible, although not guaranteed. To enhance your chances of getting a loan fast, try applying first thing in the morning on any workday.

Where can I find the best payday loans for bad credit in Utah?

If you need money now, apply for a small-dollar loan via our website or at one of our branches. Our partners will give almost instant approval on the condition that you qualify. Alternatively, you can look for direct lenders on your own and submit a loan application with each of them in particular.

What payday loan alternatives do I have in Utah?

Suppose emergency cash advances don't work for your particular financial issue. In that case, you can try applying for personal installment loans, tribal loans, payday alternative loans, auto title loans, or use apps from trusted loan providers to see what other options you have.

I am not a Utah resident. In what other states do you provide payday lending services?

Not in Utah? No sweat. We have options. Check our stores in California, Florida, Illinois, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, Ohio, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Georgia, Kentucky, Minnesota, Virginia, Maryland.