payday loans in New Hampshire
payday loans in New Hampshire

Payday Loans in New Hampshire | Get Money Online with Bad Credit

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When you face a financial crisis with bad credit, it may seem like there’s no one to help you withstand it. But it’s not a deadlock! 1F Cash Advance is always here to provide New Hampshire residents with a hassle-free way out of financial collapse.

You’re welcome to get online payday loans or apply in a store, whatever your credit score. Our reputable direct lenders offer a no-credit-check process, making their products extremely fast. Getting money within a day is possible when you deal with us!

Payday lending in New Hampshire is allowed with some restrictions. Payday loan rules are regulated by N.H. Rev. Stat. Ann. 399-A:1 et seq. This statute decrees that loan providers must be licensed as Small Loan Lenders by the state’s Banking Department in order to provide their services to residents.

New Hampshire payday loans come with a maximum loan amount of $500, with the loan terms ranging between 7 and 30 days. There’s also a 60-day cooling-off period, meaning that you can’t get another payday loan until 60 days pass from the moment you repay the previous one. No rollovers and renewals are allowed.

How Do Payday Loans Work?

Payday loans are short-term loans that must be repaid in one lump sum by a borrower’s next paycheck. They are available either online or in a store and can meet the needs of people with a bad credit history.

To apply for a loan, you need to fill out and submit a simple form. As payday lenders don’t make hard credit history checks, they review applications quickly and send loan decisions in minutes. This also speeds up the money funding process, allowing borrowers to receive loan amounts within one business day. However, payday loans are considered risky due to higher-than-average interest rates and short terms with lump-sum repayment.

How to Get Payday Loans in New Hampshire?

To get a payday loan, you can either visit storefront lenders or complete an online application process. To do this, you need to provide some basic personal, employment, and bank account information. Then, the lender makes a soft inquiry to determine your eligibility.

If you meet its requirements, you will get a loan offer which you need to accept by reading and signing a loan agreement. Then, the money will be deposited into your bank account in as little as one business day.

The repayment is made without your intervention. On the agreed-upon date, which is commonly tied to your paycheck, the lender will automatically withdraw the loan amount plus its cost from your checking account.

Just like the application steps, short-term loan requirements are very simple. To qualify for payday loans in New Hampshire, you need to:

  • Be at least 18 years old;
  • Have an active checking account in your name;
  • Verify your income (should be enough to cover the requested loan amount);
  • Be a US permanent resident.

Terms and Rates of NH Payday Loans

A New Hampshire payday loan annual percentage rate is capped at 36%. Additionally, you can be charged an extra $1.38 for a 14-day payday loan for $100. These charges include any fees for processing, approval, or loan origination. The repayment terms of NH payday loans may be from 7 to 30 days, with no rollovers and renewals allowed.

Benefits of New Hampshire Payday Loans

Here are some benefits of getting New Hampshire payday loans:

  • Fast loan process. It typically takes less than one hour from the moment you fill out a form to getting a loan decision from a lender. A loan request process is something you can complete with your eyes closed;
  • No hard credit history checks. Most lenders offer payday loans without conducting hard checks. This makes it possible to access money for people with bad or no credit;
  • No restrictions on your loan purpose. You can use the funds at your discretion. The lender won’t track the way you spend the money;
  • Direct deposits in 24 hours. If you need money fast, payday loans are probably the best choice for you. Most borrowers get their money within one business day, often on the same day they apply;
  • You can apply from anywhere. Loan providers usually offer online payday loans, eliminating the need to visit their stores and wait in lines. Internet access is all you need to get emergency financing.

Why Get Payday Loans in New Hampshire from 1F Cash Advance?

1F Cash Advance is a reliable connecting company that offers safe, prompt, accessible, and affordable financial solutions. You can apply online or in a New Hampshire store and get a quick payday loan within just one business day. Our lenders check applications fast and without any impact on your credit score, so you don’t have to guess whether you’re approved. Apply now and get a loan decision by email in a matter of minutes!

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Alternatives to Payday Loans in NH

In some cases, you may need a longer-term option or consider financial products with lower interest rates and fees. Here are some alternative options you can turn to if payday loans in NH don’t fit you right.

Installment Loans

An installment loan works similarly to a regular personal loan, allowing you to get a lump sum deposit and repay debt in fixed monthly payments. With its help, you can take up to $5,000 and make up to 24 installments, each once a month. This makes installment loans more budget-friendly but also more expensive in the long run.

Car Title Loans

A title loan uses your vehicle title as collateral. You can get up to 50% of your car’s estimated price and keep using it during the loan life. The repayment must be made by your next payday. Otherwise, the lender can seize your car.

Payday Advances

Ask your employer whether it can give you a payday advance for the needed amount. This way, you will be able to cover your needs without going into debt and paying additional fees. The amount you get will be simply deducted from your next wage.

Explore Payday Loan Stores of 1F Cash Advance in New Hampshire

New Hampshire residents who are looking for fast and accessible payday loans and cash advances can visit the 1F Cash Advance store and solve their problems within a few hours. We’re located at 1001 Elm St #207, Manchester, NH 03101, and have convenient operating hours for your hassle-free visit. Our team is always here to assist you. Whether you need help with choosing a loan option or just want someone to guide you through the application process, we’re always here for you!

1001 Elm St #207, Manchester, NH 03101
[email protected]

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Find a Payday Loan Near Me

If you’re looking for a payday loan out of New Hampshire, learn more about 1F Cash Advance branches in other states. You’re welcome to get our qualified assistance in Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, North Carolina, Oregon, and other states. Have no time for an in-store application? Feel free to request online payday loans via our convenient website, wherever you are!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Payday Loans Legal in New Hampshire?

Yes, payday loans in New Hampshire are legal. However, they are strictly regulated and come with loan amounts and interest rate caps.

Can I Get a New Hampshire Payday Loan with Bad Credit?

Having a bad credit score is not what can hold you back from getting a payday loan in New Hampshire. Most direct lenders don't make hard credit pulls, so you can qualify as long as you meet other age, citizenship, and income requirements.

Where Can I File a Complaint Against a Lender in New Hampshire?

If you're the victim of any illegal actions by the lender or have any other complaints against it, please, contact the New Hampshire State Banking Department.

How Fast Will I Get a NH Payday Loan?

On average, payday loans in New Hampshire are deposited within one working day. Some options can reach your bank account on the same day if you get approved before noon on a weekday.

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Updated: May 2, 2024