internet payday loans Alabama
internet payday loans Alabama

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Payday Loans in Alabama - Extra Cash With No Credit Check

All Alabama residents are welcome to solve their money problems by applying for a payday loan online or in our stores throughout the state. In 1F Cash Advance, we have a lot to offer customers who get into difficult situations and can’t get out of financial emergencies on their own. If you need some extra cash, we will do everything possible to become your financial assistance regardless of your credit score and income. Apply for small loans at any convenient time 24/7, and get the money you need as soon as the next business day.

Table of Contents

Payday Loans Law and Legislation in Alabama

Payday lending is legal in Alabama and regulated by the Alabama Deferred Presentment Services Act (Ala. Code §§ 5-18A-1 et seq.). Any criminal actions against borrowers in Alabama are prohibited. According to the law, all the lenders in Alabama must have appropriate valid licenses and disclose all the payday loan information before the loan contract is signed.

Alabama lending law also allows one rollover so the customer can move the maturity date but usually on worse terms. There is also a cooling-off period of 1 business day after the second consecutive loan before you can apply for a new payday loan.

Fast Cash Loans in Alabama – How Do They Work?

Alabama payday loans are short-term financial solutions that serve to help the residents cover their financial needs. These loan options are considered easy to get because they have just a few basic requirements to meet to get the money.

Alabama payday loans online are also a fast and safe solution, so many people often seek their help in case of financial emergencies. The most significant feature of payday loans is that they are available for customers with different credit histories.

Borrowers in Alabama can get the money they need just by completing an online form. The whole process, from applying for an Alabama payday loan to being approved and getting a loan decision, usually takes about 15 minutes. You can submit a loan request form from the comfort of your home without gathering all the required documents and wasting time.

Payday loan amounts are typically funded to the checking account by the end of the next business day. The repayment period is determined from the date of depositing the money into your account. As a cash advance is a short-term solution, the repayment period is typically set by your next paycheck.

Unlike installment loans online, which can be paid back in equal monthly payments, you must repay your online payday loan cost (an initial loan amount plus fee) in one lump sum or start a rollover. If you decide to move your maturity date, interests will be higher, so it is recommended to repay the money on time. The lender will just withdraw your loan cost from your bank account.

Thus, as payday lenders are focused on instant, short-term assistance, a cash advance is an easy-to-get solution created to overcome all the financial difficulties you may face. You can use loan proceeds for any purpose without limits.

What Maximum Loan Amount Do Online Payday Loans Alabama Offer?

According to state law, you can borrow payday loans in Alabama ranging up to $500. Minimum loan amounts are not specified. The sum you borrow can be spent for any purpose without limits. Borrowers must return not only the initial loan amounts but also charges and fees.

What Maximum Loan Term Do Alabama Payday Loans Have?

Customers can borrow the money for no longer than 31 days. The minimum Alabama payday loan term is 10 days. If you face some problems with repaying your short-term loan on time, you can contact the lender and start a rollover.

Who Set a Maturity Date to Repay a Cash Advance?

The term of an Alabama cash advance is set from 10 to 31 days. Your due date is set automatically by the lender’s system with your next payday. If you need a loan with a longer repayment period, please contact us for assistance. We always try our best to find the right option for you and can probably offer an installment loan that suits you more.

How Many Payday Loans Can You Have in Alabama?

Alabama state law limits the number of payday loans customers may have open. Lending law allows borrowers to have only one payday loan at a time. Lenders must also check every new application in a local database to prevent the contravention.

Real Costs of Online Loans in Alabama: Representative Examples

When you take an Alabama payday loan from the lender, you should know it is not the whole amount you must repay on the due date. Your total cash advance cost consists of the initial loan amount that was funded to your checking account and the loan rates and fees. The maximum fee is also regulated by state law. Payday loan fees can’t exceed 17.5% for each $100 borrowed.

Summing up, the average annual percentage rate for a payday loan in Alabama is about 456.25%.

Examples: If you want to borrow $100, the total loan cost can reach $117.5. If you want to apply for a $500 loan, the loan amount that must be repaid can come up to $587.5.
Alabama also has certain fees established to prevent the risk of payment delays. The maximum fee for non-sufficient funds can’t exceed $30.

Although payday loans seem to be expensive, they have some benefits that are important if you need to get cash fast and without affecting your credit score.

Our team of professionals is always eager to answer all your questions and help to choose the fairest and the most beneficial online payday loan among all the loan products on the market.

Bad Credit Loans Alabama - Can I Get One?

Customers with bad or no credit histories often face various difficulties when trying to cover their current needs with the help of traditional lenders. As banks and credit unions always provide hard credit checks, applying for personal loans not only lowers your credit score by a few points but may also end in failure.

Typically, traditional lenders have minimum credit score requirements that start from 670. If your credit score is lower, you may be rejected or get an offer at higher rates or with collateral.

Online payday lenders usually don’t pay attention to your credit history, even if you have had a past financial mistake. They offer soft search loans that will not affect your credit rating and allow you to rebuild your financial strength.

Lenders may not even look at your ability to repay the money, so applying for Alabama payday loans may be the only option for customers with bad credit scores or low incomes. At the same time, borrowers should decide on the loan amounts carefully to not get into a debt trap.

In 1F Cash Advance, we’re always trying to help you in making the right and wise decision according to your current situation. Our reputable lenders are eager to lend a helping hand to everyone who needs it most. They are here to become your assistance regardless of your credit.

Apply for Online Payday Loans No Credit Check

As payday lenders don’t share your application data with main credit bureaus, applying for cash loans with us doesn’t affect your credit rating. There is also no collateral required. Your signature is enough to get the cash you need to beat your financial difficulties. Apply today and find Alabama payday loans that suit your needs without lowering your credit score.

Are Payday Loans Online Alabama With Guaranteed Approval Real?

Unfortunately, there are no lending companies that can guarantee you will be approved just by submitting your loan request form. A lender may either approve your application or reject it. The reasons for rejection may be different.

Although the rate of positive instant decisions is high, we can’t guarantee your application will be approved. Each lender may have its own requirements. If your application was rejected, it is not a barrier to reapplying later, considering an installment loan with a longer term, or deciding on a lower loan amount to borrow.

How Fast Can I Get a Payday Loan in Alabama?

Cash loans are considered one of the best solutions if you need to get some extra cash quickly. The money is typically funded as soon as the next business day. It also can happen earlier if you apply for a loan in the morning of the banking day (before 10:30 AM).

In this case, your payday lender can probably deposit the money to your active checking account by the end of the same day. Unlike personal loans, a payday loan in Alabama is a fast solution that can meet your urgent money needs as soon as the next business day.

How to Repay a Cash Advance in Alabama?

You must turn back the initial loan amount plus loan rates and fees on the due date that is set in your loan contract. According to state law, the repayment period of a short-term loan can’t be less than 10 days and can’t exceed 31 days. Your lender will withdraw a loan cost automatically from your bank account.

All you need is to make sure that you have enough money in your account to pay off the loan. If you suddenly find it challenging to turn back cash on time, you can start a rollover to move your maturity date. But first, read your loan agreement to make sure you understand clearly all the conditions. In case of a rollover, your loan rate may differ from the initial interests.

How to Apply for an Alabama Payday Loan?

To apply for a payday loan in Alabama, all you need is to have internet access and a few minutes of your time. The application process never was so fast and easy before!
There are just a few common steps you should take to apply:

  • Choose the right loan amount. First, you should think carefully about the loan option to choose and the sum you need. The maximum loan amount you can borrow in Alabama ranging up to $500. Pay attention to your ability to repay the money, as lenders are allowed to skip this step. Make sure you will be able to pay off your loan by your next payday or consider some products with longer loan terms;
  • Complete an online application. Our loan request form is very simple, so it usually takes just a few minutes to submit. Fill out the form by specifying some of your personal details and account information and hit enter to let us share your application data with our trusted lenders through a secured connection;
  • Wait for an instant decision. Once we share your personal data with our base of direct lenders, they provide a soft search and turn back directly to you with an instant decision. This process doesn’t exceed one hour and typically takes about 15 minutes. Once approved, you will get a loan offer by email;
  • Sign a loan contract. It is great that you are approved, but don’t forget to read the loan agreement before signing. It contains all the important details you must know to avoid unpleasant surprises. If all the terms and conditions are good for you, you must electronically sign your loan contract;
  • Get your loan proceeds. Payday lenders are trying their best to transfer loan amounts at their earliest convenience. The money is typically funded by the end of the next business day directly to your checking account. If you want to get an Alabama payday loan the same day, you should be approved by a payday lender before 10:30 AM on the working day;
  • Pay off the loan.You don’t need to take some additional steps to make it happen. Just make sure there is enough money in your checking account to cover your loan cost. The lender will automatically withdraw the initial loan amount plus fees from your bank account on the due date. If you face some difficulties and can’t turn back the money on time, you can start a rollover.

Payday loans in Alabama allow you to apply and get the money you need without time wasted and gathering all the required documents. You don’t have to wait for a loan decision for days anymore. Apply online today and get a response within one hour.

Requirements for Getting a Payday Loan in Alabama

If you want to apply for a payday loan in Alabama, you must meet just a few simple requirements. Lenders usually don’t set any document, income, or minimum credit score requirements. Payday loans in Alabama are created to provide instant assistance, so every lender is focused on some basic criteria that are easy to meet. To be approved for a payday loan in Alabama, you must:

  • Reach the age of majority – at least 19 years old;
  • Be a resident of the US with a valid national ID;
  • Have an active bank account;
  • Verify your steady source of income;
  • Provide the lender with your personal data;
  • Have a valid mobile phone number and email address.

Although there are some basic requirements to apply for an Alabama payday loan, these cash advances are easy to get, even with bad credit. Meeting some simple criteria and filling out our online form will be enough to solve your money problems.

What Documents Do You Need to Get Online Payday Loans Alabama No Credit Check?

Applying for a payday loan doesn’t require gathering a large number of documents. You may need your national ID, social security number, income proof, and your checking account data to fill out an online request form.

Reasons for Applying for a Payday Loan No Credit Check in Alabama

Urgent money needs can unexpectedly arise, even if you are trying to foresee the unforeseen. Some people are trying to set aside some cash in case of unexpected expenses. At the same time, nearly a third of Americans do not have enough money in their savings account to overcome the $1,000 emergencies they may face at any moment.

As payday loans are fast and easy to get, people usually consider them one of the best ways of beating their money problems.

As a payday loan in Alabama is also available for people with bad credit, it may be the only option for those who have some issues with their previous or current debt payments. Customers in Alabama usually apply for a payday loan to cover:

  • Daily expenses: it can be tricky to fill up your car or fridge if you run over your budget and it’s still a few weeks left until payday;
  • Emergencies: medical bills, losing jobs, divorce, death in the family, etc.;
  • Car or home repairs;
  • Current debt: credit card payments or some debt consolidation;
  • Any other financial needs.

Thus, small loans are one of the best solutions if you need some instant cash to beat your money problems. As a payday loan in Alabama is an emergency cash advance that meets short-term needs, you should not use them for frivolous spending or maintaining an expensive lifestyle.

Available Alternatives of Cash Advances in Alabama

Although payday loans in Alabama seem to be one of the best short-term solutions, they may not suit everyone for different reasons. If you need some fast cash to cover unexpected expenses or for some frivolous spending, but payday loans are not your options, here are some alternative ways of additional financing you may consider.

Installment loans

An installment loan is a stress-free payday loan that offers all the best features of both fast cash loans and personal loans. An installment loan is easy to get, and it is also available with a bad credit score. You can borrow up to $5,000 and turn it back within 12 months in fixed monthly payments. As you can pay installment loans off in equal monthly installments during the loan lifetime, it can also help you avoid financial stress. At the same time, installment loans are still almost as expensive as payday loans. An installment loan can become your assistance if you need a longer-term solution or some higher loan amount to cover your unexpected expenses.

Title loans

Title loans require your car as collateral to borrow whatever amount you want. Banks and credit unions can also offer title loans for clients with poor credit or below-average incomes. Although title loans usually have lower interests, it is not a good option if you need some instant cash. Providing the lender with collateral, gathering all the required documents, and waiting for a loan decision will take some additional time which people usually don’t have in an emergency.

Personal loans

If customers have good credit scores from 670 to 739 and need to borrow some significant amounts as a long-term solution, personal loans may be the right option. These loans offer all the best features, such as flexible loan terms, fixed monthly payments, lower rates, and higher loan amounts. At the same time, they have some strong requirements you must meet to apply. You also have to gather a large number of documents before submitting your application, so it will take some time to get the funds you need. Thus, personal loans don’t suit borrowers who need to get quick cash.

What Are The Best Online Payday Loans in Alabama?

There are a lot of payday loan products you can choose from in Alabama. It’s hard to say what payday loans are the best because every product may suit someone’s needs. In 1F Cash Advance, we work with a huge base of trusted lenders that are lending responsibly and can offer you fair loan options according to your request. Complete our online form, hit enter, and get a loan offer that suits your situation within one hour.

Benefits of Applying for an Alabama Payday Loan With 1F Cash Advance

There are a lot of points to pay attention to when it comes to borrowing. 1F Cash Advance understands your needs and explores the complexities clients may face when they want to get financial assistance. We do it to create a new level of service that meets all your needs and helps you to avoid unpleasant surprises. Applying with us, you will get:

  • Free consultations. Our team of professionals is always of service to answer all your questions and make each step of the whole process clear to you. Feel free to contact us for any occasion;
  • Instant support. As we are focused on emergency help and know the value of time, we have tried to make every step convenient, fast, and easy for everyone;
  • Friendly and qualified staff. Our staff knows everything about lending and works its best to explain all the important details in plain language. No more complex wording or misunderstanding;
  • 24/7 application. Our online application form is available day and night. Moreover, it is very simple, so you can quickly qualify wherever you are within just a few minutes;
  • Fast money deposit. We know that emergencies can’t wait. Get the money as soon as the next working day directly in your checking account;
  • Personal approach to each client. Our managers are attentive to your needs and always try to find the right option that suits your specific situation;
  • No additional fees. We put you over the profit and set no additional charges. There is nothing you should pay when applying with us;
  • Loan options that suit every customer’s needs. As we are working with a huge base of direct lenders, we have plenty of offers for any occasion;

Apply today and discover your best lending experience with our qualified assistance on your way to financial freedom.

In-Store Cash Advance Alabama

Temporary have no internet access or want to visit an Alabama loan store to discuss some important details in person? We will be happy to see you in our branch and help you find Alabama payday loans to meet your current needs. Our managers provide you with all the support you may need before applying for an online payday loan in Alabama. Check out our working hours, and feel free to contact us with any questions.

71 Commerce St, Montgomery, AL 36104
[email protected]

4701 Airport Blvd #224, Mobile, AL 36609
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1F Cash Advance payday loans Alabama

Payday Loans Near Me in Alabama

1F Cash Advance has many stores across the United States to make in-store assistance accessible to as many customers as possible. Our branch is also located in Mississippi, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Louisiana, and more. Wherever you are, you may also apply online and make it happen from the comfort of your home.

Alabama Payday Loans by Cities

We offer financial support throughout Alabama. Our stores open their doors for you in the following cities:

Birmingham Huntsville Montgomery
Mobile Tuscaloosa Hoover
Dothan Auburn Decatur
Madison Florence Phenix City
Prattville Gadsden Vestavia Hills
Alabaster Opelika Athens
Enterprise Daphne Bessemer
Northport Homewood Pelham
Fairhope Trussville Foley
Albertville Prichard Oxford

Not an Alabama resident or don’t find your city on the list? You can always apply online and solve your money problems without leaving your house.

Our Services

Payday Loans in Alabama

Get an Alabama payday loan up to $500 directly in your bank account and repay the money by your next paycheck. Online loans are available for clients with any credit rating. Our payday lenders ignore your past issues with debt payments and are focused only on your current situation. You are welcome to solve your money problems without hassles and time wasted just by verifying your income.

Installment Loans in Alabama

Consider an installment loan if you think it is hard for you to pay off your loan in one lump sum. Borrow up to $5,000 and repay a loan without stress in equal monthly payments within 12 months.

Check Cashing in Alabama

Have a check and need to cash it quickly? We value your time and have a service to offer. Our in-store managers are always eager to help. Most of our stores are equipped with a check-cashing desk. And don’t forget your valid ID.


Is 1F Cash Advance licensed?

1F Cash Advance is a licensed connecting service that works according to the federal laws set by the US government. We are licensed by the Department of Financial Protection and Innovation. Borrowers can request licensing information at any moment.

Is 1F Cash Advance Working With Licensed Direct Lenders Only?

We are working only with licensed and reputable lenders that are lending responsibly and operate according to the requirements of the state law. Applying with us, you may not have to worry about the legality and security of all transactions.

Can I Get Instant Cash AL Same Day?

If you want to get a loan amount by the end of the same day, you must submit your application before 10:30 AM on a working day. Otherwise, you will get your loan amounts as soon as the next business day.

Is an Alabama Payday Loan Easy to Get?

Our stress-free payday loan is usually easy to get as it has no such strong requirements as a traditional loan has. You just need to reach the age of majority, be a US resident, verify your income, and have an active checking account to apply.

How Much Online Loans Alabama Can I Have at a Time?

More than one payday loan in Alabama is prohibited. Lenders must check every new application in a local database to prevent contravention.

Can I Be Approved for a Payday Loan Alabama With Bad Credit History?

Payday lenders usually offer soft search loans. That means they typically ignore your credit score and are focused just on your ability to turn back the loan. Customers with different credit histories are welcome to apply and solve their problems.

Can I Get an Installment Loan With Bad Credit?

Installment loans are also available for people with any type of credit. You can apply for an installment loan with bad credit and rebuild your financial strength even with a past financial mistake.

In What Cities of AL Are Payday Loans Available for Consumers?

1FirsCashAdvance offers its services to all Alabama residents. It doesn't matter where you are living. You can get the assistance you need at any convenient time due to our 100% online application. If the in-store application is your priority at the moment, we are always happy to assist you in our branch. You can find our stores in Huntsville, Birmingham, Montgomery, Mobile, Tuscaloosa, Hoover, Dothan, Auburn, Madison, Decatur.

Are There Alabama Payday Loan Stores Near Me?

We have many offices throughout the US to make in-store assistance available to everyone. Not a resident of Alabama? Find the store near you using our locator! We have many lending stores across the country, including Michigan, Mississippi, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Kentucky. Is there no convenient location on the list? Apply online and solve your problems from the comfort of your home.