What type of loan I'm eligible for if I want to pay off my debt?

You can be eligible for a personal loan, which allows you to borrow from $2,000 to $5,000 or more depending on your credit score. Personal loans are used to cover significant debts, such as credit card balances.

What is the loan amount I can get with a 500 credit score?

According to FICO Company, a 500 credit score is considered very poor. You can get only small loan amounts with this credit rating. Typically, they range from $100 to $5,000. Plus, you must be aware that such loans will have higher interest rates because lenders will consider you a risky borrower. The worse your credit score, the smaller your approved loan amount. But don't get upset. You have a lot of opportunities to increase your credit score and make it at least fair (from 580 to 669). Consider speaking with a credit counselor and find a suitable way to increase your credit score.

Can I get a payday loan if I am on Social Security benefits?

Yes, you can get a loan if you're on Social Security benefits. However, your monthly income should be enough for making on-time payments.

Can I apply for a loan with bad credit if I live in Canada?

Unfortunately, you can't apply and get a loan if you live in Canada. Our lenders provide loans only for US residents or US citizens.

Will application and its denial affect my credit score?

There are some cases when applying for a loan, your credit score may be affected. However, as our practice proves, it happens rarely.

Do you offer loans for a non-citizen?

Unfortunately, you can't apply and get a loan if you are non-citizen. Our lenders provide loans only for US residents or US citizens.

What to do if the application form doesn't move forward with the questions?

To proceed further, we suggest you to try the following actions: check the Internet connection, and verify if all the empty spaces are completed. If it doesn't work, refresh the loan application page and try again.

I submitted the application form. What should I do next?

The next step is to wait the loan approval decision from the lender. If approved, you'll receive further instructions to proceed the borrowing process.

What should I do when my loan application form was approved?

The following step is reviewing the loan offer you received from your lender. If you agree on terms and conditions, you sign the loan agreement which lender sent to your email address.

How can I verity if the loan application page is real?

On our contact page at https://1firstcashadvance.org/contact-us/, you can find the contact details of our officially registered company. Additionally, we have social media pages and reviews on Trustpilot and Google locations.