instant approval payday loans online
instant approval payday loans online

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When the unexpected in life happens, and your emergency plans fall short, our instant approval payday loans are here to help. Our quick loan application process, the instant decision on your loan application, and fast funding have made us the favorite resource for easy online short term loans.

What Is an Instant Payday Loan?

A payday loan is a short-term loan that allows you to take care of critical financial concerns until your next payday. The loan amount varies from $50 to $1,000 and you get the loan decision immediately. It’s not credit-focused and it doesn’t require any collateral. Receiving the funds is as easy as a direct deposit to your bank account on the same or next business day.

If used responsibly, immediate approval payday loans are an easily accessible way to receive fast cash, repaid with a one-time payment, on borrowers’ paycheck.

When Should I Consider Online Payday Loans?

Instant loans are generally used to cover unexpected expenses, like medical emergencies, utility bills, car repair. Customers should apply for payday loans from direct lenders when traditional loans or borrowing from friends and family are not a lending option.

An instant payday loan is a good choice for a customer who needs cash fast, even with bad credit or no credit. The golden rule is to make sure you can make your payment on the due date.

How do Instant Decision Payday Loans Work?

Instant payday loan available for people with bad creditGet started by completing our simple online application from the comfort and privacy of your own home. You can complete our streamlined form in minutes on your computer or mobile device. You only have to provide basic personal information, bank account number, loan amount, proof of income. Some lenders may require additional documents.

Once you submit it, you almost immediately know the decision on your loan request from a trustworthy direct lender. Once approved, look through the offer and decide if it fits your short-term financial needs.

Read over the terms and conditions of the received offer and sign the agreement electronically. If, however, the received offer has terms and conditions you don’t agree with, or you don’t agree with the loan fee, you can submit another application. Many available licensed lenders may be able to help you receive the funds you need with some conditions that better fit your needs.

Some applications might require additional verifications.

Generally, instant payday loans are available really quickly. They will be transferred to your checking account as soon as the same day or the next business day. Timing depends on the funding cut-off times of the contracted payday loan lender.

The repayment is usually made by automatic withdrawal from your active account on the paycheck date.

What Do I Need to Get an Instant Payday Loan Online?

To qualify for payday loans online, borrowers must meet the following simple requirements:

easy to get payday loan with express approval

  • Be a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident;
  • Be at least 18 years old;
  • Present proof of stable income;
  • Have an active bank account;
  • Have a valid phone number and a personal email address.

Some payday loan lenders may require additional information.

An excellent credit score is NOT required. People with bad credit or even with no credit are eligible to apply. Instant funding payday loan focuses more on borrowers’ reliable income. Moreover, our licensed direct lenders don’t perform a traditional credit check, therefore it won’t affect your credit score.

Get Connected to the Best Online Loan Lenders With Us

When you find yourself saying, “I need a $1,000 payday loan immediately” or “I need money now,” 1FirstCashAdvance is your fast cash loan online solution. The loyalty of our customers gives us the confidence that our services are one of the most reliable online loans with instant approval as our borrowers get the money when they need it.

Traditional banks and credit unions require extensive paperwork and run hard credit checks. You have to justify why you are taking the loan, and you can wait for days or weeks before you have access to your money. We don’t require any of that.

Upon approval, the borrower may have the money as soon as the same day or the following business day. Use it as you need to cover important financial gaps until your next paycheck.

You don’t have to submit dozens of applications to different online loan companies. Save your time and efforts and choose us to get better rates and terms. Start the borrowing process now by filling out our secure online loan application and get online payday loans with no faxing, no teletrack, no paperwork and third party.

Receive an instant decision on your application within minutes and get your instant cash advance the next business day at the latest!

Commonly Asked Questions

How can I get an instant online payday loan?

In order to apply for payday advances, all you need to do is to fill out a simple application form on our website. You have to provide your personal information and banking information, also, you must select the loan amount you want to receive. One of our licensed payday lenders will provide you a quick lending decision. If approved, you will quickly receive the funds on your account.

How can I get a quick payday loan fast?

We know our customers need money right now to cover urgent financial needs, that is why we simplified the borrowing process. To get immediate cash, all you have to do is to apply for an online payday loan, following simple instructions. Once approved, our customers get the money by the following business day.

How can I borrow $100?

Online payday loans are designed for a small amount of cash. Depending on your state's rules, you may get approved for $100 or more if you meet the eligibility requirements. Just apply for a cash advance and provide the most accurate information to your knowledge, so you'll increase your chances to be approved for the amount you select.

Can I borrow $200, $300, $500 or $1,000?

Yes, if you meet lender's eligibility requirements and if you live in a state where payday loans aren't prohibited. If you need to borrow some cash, you may apply for an instant cash loan advance. You are required to select the loan amount and provide basic information and documentation. You will quickly receive a guaranteed lender's decision and requested funds if approved.

Can instant cash loans be risky?

Yes, that is why cash advances may even be banned in your state. However, they may be dangerous only if you fail to pay back your debt on time and rollover them. You may want to assess your financial situation carefully before applying for an instant loan, mostly if you have poor credit score.