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Submission Deadline on May 15, 2021

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Scholarship Mission and Intention

But our mission goes beyond fast and reliable financial services. We also want to help individuals manage their finances better and pursue their goals, leading to their financial independence.

The 1FirstCashAdvance Financial Champions Scholarship intends to encourage individuals to increase their financial literacy through careful research and reflection.

Eligibility Criteria

Our scholarship is designed as a yearly contest where students must send their contributions (essay and video) until the deadline. The application process is ongoing, meaning that if you didn't manage to apply in the running session, you are still considered as an applicant for the upcoming session, given that you meet the eligibility criteria.

To enter our contest, students must meet the following requirements:


You must be a United States citizen or resident


You must be enrolled full-time in high school or part-time or full-time in college, trade school, or graduate school


You need to be 18 years old or older


You must have a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0

How to Apply for the 1FirstCashAdvance Financial Champions Scholarship

To participate in the 1FirstCashAdvance Financial Champions Contest, applicants should:

  • Submit a 500 words essay describing The biggest financial challenges of the modern world, and
  • Record a short video mentioning The innovative solutions for overcoming these challenges & upload it on Youtube or Vimeo
  • Submit the essay along with the link to the video by using the application form below.
Official Rules

Terms and Conditions

All applicants who submit their essays for the 1FCA Financial Champions Scholarship (further referred as “Scholarship”), agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • For participation in this contest are allowed persons meeting all the eligibility criteria.
  • All entries that do not comply with the requirements mentioned on the Scholarship page will be disqualified.
  • The company will maintain communication with the applicant via e-mail.
  • The company keeps the right to refuse to award the Scholarship to the selected winner if the announced applicants fail to confirm their acceptance of the Scholarship by the date defined in the company’s message.
  • Each applicant may only win the Scholarship once at any given time.
  • The winner will receive the scholarship award into his bank account, or by other means, agreed by the company and the applicant.
  • The company reserves the right to refuse to award the Scholarship if the payment process cannot be arranged in a mode convenient for both the company and the applicant.
  • The Scholarship award is designated for covering the winner’ tuition fees.
  • The Scholarship winner will be asked to submit a photo.
  • All applicants allow the company to use the submitted materials on the company’s site, including their photo and the short biography in case of selection as winner.
  • The company keeps the right to change the scholarship program at any time, such as current scholarships, terms, rules, and provisions, prize fund, or other details.
  • The company will answer all questions related to the scholarhsip program within 72 hours from the receipt of the message.
  • Any objections or questions about the Scholarship program can be sent to [email protected]
  • Applicant’s personal information will be treated according to the company’s Privacy Policy in force.
  • All information provided in the scholarship application is confidential and will be treated as such. The company will not communicate the personal details of applicants (address or contact information, etc.) to third parties.

Judging Method

A panel of the 1FirstCashAdvance’s executives will determine the winner of the contest. They’ll base their decision on the following criteria:

  • Grammar
  • Uniqueness
  • Understanding of the issues
  • Usefullness

Participating students should aim to produce original works that demonstrate a thorough understanding of the topic. We won’t accept plagiarized works.

Winners Announcement

Winners will be announced two weeks after the deadlines.

If the selected winner doesn’t respond within 14 days, the offer might be withdrawn or given to another student. The offer can also be withdrawn if the participant submits false or misleading information during the process.

Prize funds will be sent in a single payment, and the winner’s work may be published on this site, along with a short bio on the winner.

1FirstCashAdvance Financial Help, LLC reserves the right to make changes to the rules as necessary. We’ll keep students informed about any contest changes, so check back regularly for more information.

Application Form

    CONSUMER DISCLOSURE. NO PURCHASE OR PAYMENT NECESSARY. THE 1FCA FINANCIAL CHAMPIONS SCHOLARSHIP IS OPEN TO ANY CITIZEN OR RESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, OR UNITED STATES TERRITORIES WHO IS A HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR OR CURRENT UNDERGRADUATE OR GRADUATE STUDENT WHO IS ENROLLED IN A 2- OR 4- YEAR PUBLIC OR PRIVATE COLLEGE OR UNIVERSITY LOCATED IN THE UNITED STATES OR THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. All other entries will be disqualified. 1FirstCashAdvance Financial Help LLC will grant the scholarship to the applicant we deem most qualified. Employees of 1FirstCashAdvance Financial Help LLC ("Sponsor") and its divisions, affiliates, subsidiaries, promotional or marketing agencies and their immediate family members (spouse, children, parents and siblings) and persons living in family member homes are not eligible for the 1FCA Financial Champions Scholarship.

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