50 Ways to Make Extra Money in 2020

Michael Lefler
by Michael Lefler
Published: January 11, 2020

Having multiple streams of earnings can never be overemphasized. The actualization of earning that extra coin is beneficial to the improvement of the various aspects of life.

In addition to doing away with the adverse tendency of surviving from hand to mouth, understanding the ways to make extra money will reduce the constant stress of having debts hanging over your shoulder by providing you with platforms of paying them off. While putting yourself out there to earn an extra $100, $200, $300 dollars may be challenging and scary, getting yourself to doing it may be the key to a completely different life.

So, do you already have some ideas or even an action plan to make extra income in 2020? Here are 50 money-making tips on how to boost your income this year.

How to Make Money Online

How to Make Money Online

The internet age is among the best times to live. Who would have thought that you can make money at the comfort of your home, on your smartphone or computer? Let’s explore some of these options.

1. Online Tutoring

Starting off the list of easy ways to make money is online tutoring. This increasingly popular way of making some side money in modern times has everything to do with your strong areas and subjects. There are numerous online tutoring organizations such as TutorMe and Tutor.com that hire tutors from across the world to share what they know with students on multiple topics.

2. User Experience Testing

Today, a majority of companies have a company website, with most of them hoping to give a flawless user experience to their customers. To enable this, organizations seek the services of user experience testers to run tests on their websites and provide feedback.

If you have a knack for the user-friendliness of a website by running commands on it, organizations such as Analysia, UserTesting, and TryMyUI are willing to exchange your feedback for a pay.

3. Taking Online Surveys

A quick search through the internet for survey sites such as Vindale Research, MyPoints, and Survey Junkie will reveal to you how easily you can get paid for taking surveys and providing your opinion. This sweet deal of an option on how to make more money online requires specific qualifications that may not be met by everyone, and often, you are required to fill out a particular number of surveys before your money is ready for withdrawal.

Therefore, this option is ideal for patient and persistent people. But if you don’t have the patience to wait or your issues need to be covered immediately, apply for a loan and obtain money fast and easy.

4. Teaching English Online

This option of earning more money from the internet is almost similar to online tutoring, except, in this case, you are teaching the English language with companies such as VIPKid.

The prospect of becoming a teacher should not stop you from considering this option of making extra money because lessons and grading are all done for you.

All you are required to do is to help people learn the material in the courses and bear the willingness to guide an online class. Earning money while assisting people sounds like a great win!

5. Selling Your Creative Skills

If you are creative, who is yet to meet the perfect market for your creativity and related work, there are freelancer online markets such as Fiverr and Upwork that can connect you with your dream customer(s). These markets are mostly sites that link creative people specializing in editing, writing, graphic design, voice-over work to customers that need those specific skills in their corner.

All you need to do is create a profile that you can link to a resume which potential employers can look through and learn more about you, such as your experience, specialties, and rates before considering you for a project.

6. Blogging

If you enjoy writing and developing human connections over and beyond geographical boundaries, blogging could be an excellent fit for a while still making money off of it. If you decide to take up blogging, you should be aware of the reality that it can be tough, but at the same time, an exciting journey.

Do not go into blogging, expecting to make money from the word go. Instead, focus on creating relevant content to your audience and be consistent at it.

7. Facebook Ads

If you are an entrepreneur or a salesperson, Facebook ads present you with an invaluable and a fast way of making money. Both online and offline businesses these days are increasing their sales through clients that they derive from Facebook ads.

8. Virtual Assistance

Becoming a virtual assistant and basically helping individuals and businesses to execute specific tasks can earn you some extra money. There exists a wide range of services that virtual assistants can offer, including blog editing, graphic design, responding to emails, and more.

1FirstCashAdvance experts are offering assistance and helping clients to obtain online loans. On our website, you will find detailed and comprehensive information for each stage of this process: from deciding to take a loan, filling out the application form, and to the ways of paying it off.

9. Managing Social Media for Businesses

This is almost similar to virtual assisting, except it is specific to the management of social media accounts of business organizations. Among the tasks under this savvy way of earning extra income are advertising on social media, posting content on social media, filling up social media profiles with appropriate, relevant, and consistent content, among others.

10. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is how numerous websites generate revenues without selling products. Thus, it stands as one of the easy ways to make money. All you need is to identify a niche that your content will try to relate to certain products. However, it can take time and effort to bring adequate traffic to be able to make a decent income off of the website.

Tip: Watch out for scams! The internet is one of the places that you can quickly lose money faster than you made it, so you need to be extra careful, especially when giving out your bank and credit card details.

How to Make Money Using Your Home

Earn Extra Money from Home

To make money with your house, you need to acknowledge that every free and idle space can count for a dollar. Possibly your house needs a small reparation before turning into a source of additional income. It can be easily realized with the help of long term installment loans no credit check. Thus, your house will bring you even more profit. Don’t waste this opportunity.

11. Adding of a Rental Suite

Do you own property and still don’t know how to earn extra money? Subject to legal permits, you can go forth and add a rental suite to your residential property. In the event there is not enough room inside or a basement suite, you can consider constructing an additional structure in your property or convert your garage into a suite.

12. Renting Out Accommodation

The suite idea may not work for everyone, mainly based on legal permits, wherein some residential areas may not allow the implementation of the idea. If it fails to work for you, take heart and consider renting out your house or part of it. This is particularly ideal if you live in a desirable location such as near a school (university or college), a hospital, a city with a constrained rental market, or a big employer.

You can push this idea further by sprucing up the space that is available for rental, taking great pictures, and signing up as an Airbnb host or putting the listing up on Craigslist.

13. Running a Bed and Breakfast

In the event you have extra space and rooms to spare and would wish to increase your rental income, you can turn your house into a Bed and Breakfast. The prospect of renting out the house for months or weeks can be better as compared to renting it out monthly. To execute this, be sure to have the necessary information on how to start and run a successful BnB.

14. Renting Out Storage Space

You might have extra space and room(s) in your home but are not willing to become a landlord or a host. At your disposal is the option of converting such extra space into a steady income by renting it out as storage space for individuals or companies to store things such as boats, motorbikes, RVs, motor vehicles, etc. If your unused space is vast, you can offer outdoor storage services too.

15. Market Gardening

You can take advantage of one easy way to make money by market gardening, even if you reside in the typical suburban region. You can do this by growing fruits, flowers, and vegetables for sale. Living in an acreage gives you more possibilities for growing plants. You can sell your produce at roadside stands that are common in many places.

Tip: Be Cautious! When it comes to making money from your home or space, you need to be cautious not to get ripped off. Ensure that you conduct adequate background checks of the persons you are about to deal with so that you don’t end up working with scammers.

16. Holding Events

If your home is on a small farm or an acreage, you can easily make some money by holding events. You do not necessarily need to hold grand events such as music concerts and festivals if you do not wish to pursue that path.

Other options available to you include agro-tourism events, weddings, among others. To host the different events that you may choose to hold, ensure to have the necessary permits.

How to Make Money Using Your Car

Earn money as a driver

Earning money whenever your car registers mileage seems a good use of your car and your time. Even if your car is just gathering dust in your garage because you don’t have enough money to repair it, don’t get discouraged! Look around for options available for those who can’t pay for auto repairs choose one the most suitable for you and continue reading the pieces of advice below!

Let’s explore how to make money with your vehicle.

17. Offering Corporate Car Services

You can use your car to make extra money in 2020 by offering on-demand transportation without working under Lyft or Uber. All you need to do is establish your work and services with corporate clients that need transportation or customer pick-ups.

18. Airport Shuttle Services

You can put your car into great use that can earn you income by specializing in the transportation of people to and from airports. This business may require you to have a larger car or van, which can accommodate both luggage and several people.

19. Car Rental Services

If driving your own car to make extra money is not a viable option for you, you can enroll in an app such as Turo, where you can rent out your car out to other drivers. The drivers pay you a fee for using your car, after which they return the car as agreed.

20. Offering Medical Transportation Services

People with medical problems and seniors often require reliable help in the form of transportation to move from one point to the other because they are not able to drive. You can use your car to specialize in taking such people to and from their doctor’s appointments. An easily accessible car, especially one with a ramp, is ideal for this business.

21. Child Pick-up Services

This best befits people with a background in childcare and who can use their cars to pick up and drop off children to school and other places on behalf of their busy parents and guardians.

22. Equipment Transportation Services

If you are physically fit to move and pick up heavy equipment, you could consider offering a specialized service for individuals and corporate customers that need to have supplies delivered somewhere. To run this business, you need a large car that can accommodate equipment and crew members.

23. Mobile Advertising Services

You can use your car to offer mobile advertising services for businesses. This can be accomplished by wrapping your car with advertising messages or adding signage to the top of the car and leasing it out to companies in your locality.

24. Offering Moving Services

If you have a large vehicle, you could get into the business of offering full-scale moving services to individuals, families, and companies. You could use your car to help your customers move furniture and other items from their old place to a new space.

25. Offering Vacation RV Rental Services

Not everyone understands how to make money fast. If you happen to own an RV, then you can make extra income by renting it out to people who are looking to take a vacation. Even if your RV is not mobile or you do not want other people to drive it around, you can still rent it out as an Airbnb space.

26. Offering Errand Services

If you have a car and some free time on your hands, you can become a general errands service provider. In this occupation, you can perform tasks such as dry-cleaning pick-up, grocery shopping, among other errands that the customer may require you to run on their behalf. You can sign up on Apps such as TaskRabbit to easily connect with potential clients.

How to Make Money from Your Closet

Sell stuff to obtain some extra money

Clear out your closet space, get rid of the closet items that you no longer need, and at the same time make money as below:

27. Sell your Used Clothes on an App or a Website

There are numerous apps and websites such as Poshmark that you can use to post and sell your used clothes to make that so much needed extra coin.

28. Sell your Used Clothes Locally via eBay, Craigslist or through a Garage Sale

These are just but some of the options that give you full control over the pricing of your clothes and deliveries. While these options require you personally to run the sales, you can haggle prices, and in the off chance, you can get someone willing to buy all of what you have and maybe ask for more.

29. Selling Clothes Back to Stores for Resale

Places such as Uptown Cheapskate, Clothes Mentor, or Plato’s Closet are just but some of the physical stores that can accept all of the clothes that you need to dispose of your closet by buying them and then reselling them at their stores. Of course, these such stores have strict requirements, including the condition of the clothes.

30. Hosting a Swap Event

You can rally up with your friends who also want to sell stuff out of their closets and swap your items and, at the same time, sell some.

31. Donation for Tax Write-Offs

This is the easiest way of making or rather saving money from your closet by donating clothes, thus helping others, and being awarded a donation receipt.

How to Make Money Using Hobbies

Make Extra dollars as a dogsitter

Use your passions and hobbies as ways to make extra money:

32. Watching Movie Previews and Videos

Companies such as InboxDollars will pay you for watching movie previews, the latest news, celebrity videos, and an array of other videos. Sign up and watch movie previews from a specific playlist and get paid, simple.

33. Get Paid for Playing Games on your Phone

Mistplay, a free Android App will reward you with points for playing popular games such as Yahtzee, Words With Friends 2, Star Wars, Clash Royale, among others. The points earned can be converted into real money or Amazon gift cards.

34. Dog Sitting

If you are passionate about pets, many dog owners are willing to pay you top dollar to take good care of their dog.

35. Flying Drones

If you are passionate about drone technology, there is an opportunity for you to make some extra cash through flying drones and capturing stellar images and videos for real estate, stock photography sites, and construction companies.

36. Fitness

If you are a fitness enthusiast, you can become a personal trainer and help them achieve their fitness goals at a fee.

37. Shopping

You can make some extra income by going grocery shopping and running other shopping errands for people at a fee.

38. Taking Pictures

Your knack for capturing day to day breathtaking moments could bag you a check. All you need are your camera and talent and reaching out to people to let them know you are their service in case they need professional photos taken at their events.

39. Touring

You stand to earn extra money by offering a personalized tour of your town or city to tourists at a fee.

40. Fashion

Turn your love for fashion and dressing into money by becoming a personal stylist of people and showing them how to dress their bodies and how to dress for events.

Make Money with Your Boat

Use Your Boat to get some extra cash

Need extra income to stay afloat? Take advantage of your boat!

Don’t have a boat, but a dream to feel yourself a brave captain at the helm? Your dream is achievable with an online short term loan. Imagine yourself in captain’s hat and keep reading to know how can you make some extra money in this role.

41. Run Eco-Tours

Eco-tours are becoming increasingly popular with plenty of vacationers wanting to sample the nautical side of the nature around them. If you have a boat, you may find it profitable, taking your visitors deep into the sea.

42. Acquire a Captain’s License and Effectively Run Charters

People out there are willing to experience the thrill of deep-sea excursions but lack a boat or a vessel to use. Do you have one that is sitting idle? If so, rent it out, and you will realize that this is one of the easy ways to make money.

Get Out There and Earn a Little Extra Cash

Earn Additional Money as Babysitter

Opportunities to make money will never cease. You have to go out there and find them.

43. Try Babysitting

Babysitting is another easy way of raking some extra cash that you can use on a rainy day. A majority of babysitters find out about babysitting work from family and friends and easily earn reputation through referrals.

44. Try running an ironing firm

We believe that you know a handful of people that hate ironing, a good reason for you to turn this into something profitable for yourself. To attract more clients, try placing advertisements on social media, in local dailies, or posting using small leaflets placed on doors and windows.

45. Do Some Chores for Other People

Just as ironing, you won’t believe how much people would pay just to get their chores done. If you have some free time, you can sign up with sites that allow other willing clients to find and pay for your services. The earned money can be used for paying back your bad credit loan, which gives you a good chance to improve your credit being repaid in time.

46. Get paid to watch Television

You can easily make money by just watching TV. TV companies and broadcasters are fond of asking questions and opinions regarding their services or any other program with participants being paid handsomely.

47. Try Being a Secret Agent

Lately, companies are paying some good money to have information, especially about their competitors collected for them. With the need to stay relevant, some firms pay some good cash to beat the competition.

48. Sell Photos to News Outlets

If you are in the right place for a breaking news event and you happen to get a photo or a video, then you can sell it to a website or a newspaper.

49. Troubleshoot Cell-Phone Problems

If you are conversant with matters technology, then you can easily make money troubleshooting basic phone issues for people that do not know the basics of technology and simple phone apps. Try fixing your grandpa’s iPad for a start.

50. Earn some cash on music reviews

Do you know that you can earn some cash by listening to music? All that you have to do is to leave honest reviews after listening to a song. Many people have earned money before while listening to music.


Cha-Ching! Making money requires a smart mind, and the discussed ways to make extra money will definitely help you stack some coin up. By making a little extra side hustle cash, you gain more financial freedom, inch closer to living life on your terms, and improving your financial security.

Mike Lefler shares his interest in a wide range of different subjects, including his love for finance-related writing. The passion for writing, related exceptional skills and his years of study, along with a Master’s Degree at Southwest Minnesota State University led him to become one of the brilliant authors in the massive finance arena and in the area of Financial Planning and Lending Industry.

At the same time, his ability to identify the main points of various aspects and intention to significantly contribute makes him a great team member and a valuable part of 1FirstCashAdvance.



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